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We've got 15 copies of Android Tablets Made Simple by Marziah Karch to give away to you fine, oustanding Android Central Readers. So, let's give some away. Just leave a comment in this post and we'll pick 15 of 'em at random. This one's U.S. only (don't worry, we'll have something for you international folks on Friday), and we'll shut it down at the end of today. Good luck!


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Contest: Win a copy of Android Tablets Made Simple



I'll save you the read. My 3 year old nephew knows how to use an Android Tablet. If he can figure it out, so can you.

I'm still debating on getting a tablet. The Transformer looks pretty sweet though

Oohhh.. perfect timing since I was looking for some reading material on an Android Tablet. I am looking at saying Bye Bye to the iPad and hello Android Tablet.

Great timing. I am looking to replace my Galaxy Tab 7 and find my parents a good lower end tablet or ereader.

I've got a wobbly table that this would be perfect for AND I sit at said table when using my tablet! WIN! WIN!

I have 4 tablets. 2 play books by BB and 2 acer a500. I need the book to help understand more about my acres

Thank you

I've got three tablets and could always use a reference for some nifty stuff...count me in!

Perhaps I made this comment in haste.. afterall, there is an over 300 page Ipad 2 for Dummies book.. but, jeez.. feels like overkill.

Been needing some reading material. I'm also looking into getting a tablet as well.

Could completely use a free copy to help with the new Android Tablet I got over the holidays.

I got my tab for Christmas. Galaxy 10.1! This book would go great with this! Being active duty Air Force and getting ready to deploy, this would help me learn my tablet quickly. Love this website.

I'm going to be getting my Asus Transformer Prime sometime next month (hopefully) so I should get one of these books so I'm ready (and by get, I mean you should pick me as one of the winners)

I'd take one of those! I need to learn the ins and outs of android tablets now that we are getting them for work.

Would love to have a copy to share with my wife who is now getting into the Android tablet game. Wish I could share it with my 3 yr old son as well who has my wife's Nook Color hand-me-down.....

A book in this age of electronic read files? Oh alright, for free you've successfully twisted my arm.


Somebody else commented that, if he got it, he'd share it with his wife. I'm not married, but if I was walking around with a copy of this, man I bet I'd land a wife so fast you can't believe it. Seriously, do this for me. Make me whole.

I hope i win this book. It would help me better understand how Android works so that i may make my own applications.

Got my new Moto 4G Xoom on black friday. It's awesome and now i want to learn how to tweek it and peak it.

Bought a HP Touchpad earlier this year and love it especially when a got it hooked up with android. Now I want to learn everything about it

I own a Galaxy S2 and a Lenovo Ideapad K1. I work as a full-time Ruby on Rails developer and would like to get into app development for Android.

I would love to have this book. Thank you!

I'm so glad computers in the form of tablets are becoming afforable for more people so they can experience the connected world of the Web and participate in produsage.

What exactly does the book cover? How to use your tablet? Or is it a little more involved?

I have a Toshiba Thrive 16GB and have had NO problems with it. I think a lot of the comments received on the Toshiba Tablet Blog are because users are not computer literate. I am very happy with my Toshiba Thrive and think APPLES ARE FOR PIES!

This will help with my Mobile Development degree! Can't wait should be a good read!

I'm in need of some reading material, and I do have a Xoom...this could be a match made in heaven!

I would love to win it since I love android, tablets, phones and I occasionally read books lol.

You "" rocks. I'm glad that there's a solid place to go to get the straight android scoope! Thanks PS - I could really use one of these copies to become less stupid about the Android OS!

I need this for the Transformer Prime my gf got me. Still waiting for UPS to get it to me but need this please.

If all tablets are as scarce on instructions as the Asus, this is a badly needed book. :)

I would so love this.
My 7 yr old and 4 yr old love their Color Tablets more then there ipods and they already setup their wifi, etc.

It would be handy to show members of our elders smartphone and tablet club here in Sebring, Florida.

I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it is sooooo nice. I cannot stand my wife's iPad. Would love this book!

Awesome. This should help my wife with her Asus Transformer she got for Xmas. I am not around enough for her to teach her things so all she knows is to use it for Netflix.

Awesome. These should my wife with her Asus Transformer she got for Xmas. I am not around enough for her to teach her things so all she knows is to use it for Netflix.

Awesome. These should my wife with her Asus Transformer she got for Xmas. I am not around enough for her to teach her things so all she knows is to use it for Netflix.

I would really enjoy the book. I think it would be helpful in learning all the tips, tricks and shortcuts I find so useful in these forums. The nice part is it would be right there at my finger tips. I think it would be a very useful resource to have around. I want a copy. Keeping my fingers crossed and here's to hoping!

This would be nice to share with my 90 employees who always come to me for advise on how, what, and where to buy, use, get, an Android-based tablet!! (insurance industry) :)


Please, please, please send me a copy. My wife dropped a bombshell...she wants a Samsung Tab 10.1. This happened not so long after I introduced her to, and she got, a smartphone (Droid X2) I've lost my life...I am the consultant in residence. All day and night I get questions about how to do this and that. I can only imagine what my life will be like after she gets the tablet. You must save me. The book will be her guide. I'll still be around to help but the book will give me my life back. As an added benefit, I probably will learn some stuff too if my wife will let me borrow it.

Does this include end depth technical spec's for the tablets that it covers? I would like to have something that goes into that in detail, not just a how-to, it does look like a good read though. So Sign me up.

Many Thanks and Happy Holidays.


My son the always-penniless college student could use this to tame his Galaxy Tab and his girl's Thrive. Maybe Dad could sneak a look too!

I could use one of these to see what I'm missing with my Asus Transformer. (First comment on AndroidCentral, w00t!)

With my wife having a new Acer Iconia A100, and my Viewsonic gTablet, I know we'd make use of the book. :)

I'm a big fan of Apress's technical books. However, I doubt I'd learn anything from this particular book since it seems aimed at the n00b. I guess if I win it I'll give it away.

I would love to have one of those! That way when my many family and friends ask me a question I can just look it up!

I'll give it to my mom so she can figure out how to user her ASUS transformer (since she is technology illiterate) that I got her for Christmas.

I'm trying to decide whether I should go Android or iPad so winning a book will help in the decision process.

You can never learn too much about Android! I would love to win this as I just became the proud owner of a Galaxy Tab 8.9.

Just got a new 8.9 Galaxy Tab for Christmas, so this would be great. Thanks for the chance to win.

People still print books? Oh well I guess I could use something to read during take off and landing.

********PICK ME!!!!!************************************
******ps*HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!******************************

Sign me up! New to android from have a galaxy nexus and a toshiba thrive...would be a good book to read!

I could use a nice addition to my library, plus I would love to show my wife why I should get a Galaxy Tab 8.9

oh winning this book would be awesome with my new acer a500 tablet!!

thanks in advance android central, you guys rock!

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