Nexus One - ColorWare

Sure, the Nexus One is powerful enough with that 1GHz Snapdragon processor, and its 3.7-inch AMOLED screen is crisp enough. But is it pink enough? Fan-favorite ColorWare is now doing its custom paint-job thing with the Nexus One. You can pimp out a brand-new Nexus One for about $800 (base price), or send in your own Nexus One for a retrofit for about $175. [ColorWare]

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chicubfan08 says:

WHERE IS MY DROID 2.1!!!!!I would like Cubbie blue. :)

corydunbar says:

The droid image is a black industrial look, if you change that, you are no droid.

Anonymous says:

Unless of course you went for an R2D2 look... then you might achieve +1 Droidiness

thebizz says:

The phone pictured would ne perfect for my wife

Anonymous says:

Umm. That is horrible! !!!!! No thanks! !!

Anonymous says:

Lol yes! haha

gdubmedia says:

Is it just me, or does the phone in the picture remind anyone else of the Pink Ranger from Power Rangers? lol

Artist says:

I like it. As being synesthete I live a life in colors. Synesthesia means that I see colors when I see words and numbers. I transform this in paintings of names and birthdays.

Mike in NJ says:

Since ColorWare has been around a while I'm obviously missing something, but I still can't believe anyone in their right mind would pay money, much less $175, to have their phone painted.

strhessed says:

$175.00 ? IMO, ANYONE who falls for that is a complete fool. Biggest waste of money ever !!!

NickF227 says:

It looks REALLY cool, and I love the green and black, but um, don't most sane people use silicon/hard covers?