Nexus 7 (2013) with discolored corners

The 'Bright Red' Nexus 7 Folio is pretty great, except when it tarnishes your Nexus 7

One of Google's official Nexus 7 cases, the Nexus 7 Folio, came out back in December as it started to build up first-party case offerings for the tablet. It set folks back a cool $49, but when I reviewed it I found that it wasn't as extravagantly expensive as it may seem at first glance. The case is solid, has sleep/wake functionality, a nice dual-mode stand and kept out of the way as much as possible. I liked the case so much I've kept it on my Nexus 7 pretty much permanently since then.

Fast forward three months, and I took the case off my Nexus 7 for a change of pace. What's that? Deep reddish-orange lines all around the back of my tablet. Around all four corners and everywhere there's a cutout on the case, a deep red line on my otherwise pristine black Nexus 7. I can scrub all I want, and the lines don't seem to want to come off.

The big culprit here is likely the slightly loose nature of the case because it has an open-backed design. The edges are pretty rigid and have a ribbed design on the inside to make them tough, but they flex just enough that they can move around on the tablet over the course of daily use. everywhere the case can flex, it's leaving its mark on the back of the tablet.

So just a word of warning folks — the case that you bought to protect your tablet and keep it safe from daily life may be leaving some lasting marks on your device. The bright red case probably wasn't for many to begin with, but consider that the black version would probably scar up your white Nexus 7 just as well.


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Buying a Nexus 7 Folio case? Watch out for discoloration on your tablet


Cases do more damage to my devices than they protect them from. My dad left his iPhone 5 in an Otterbox for a few months and when he took it out, there were tiny scratches all over the side of the phone that looked like dust that wouldn't wipe away. Not to mention the ring around the earpiece where there's an opening on the front. I'd rather take the risk of dropping it than the guarantee of all that cosmetic damage.

Well this isn't always true for every phone and every case. But the iPhone 5 was well known for this issue. Happened to my wife's. She had it in a slider case day 1 out of the box. The next time she took it off (about a month later) The lower back portion and by the ports were scratched up good.

The key thing for any case using person is, take your phone out of its case regularly.

1. Check for damage. Nothing will stop 100% of daily use damage.
2. (Most importantly) To remember that wonderful feel of why you bought your beautiful device in the first place.

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Simple Green or diluted nail polish remover may work if you're willing to risk it.

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This nexus is among the 5% devices running running KitKat and has countless ROMs available for it not to mention the VERY good display.Try again

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Noone cares if it's running some incremental update what ppl care about is that their screen doesnt just peel off or the multitouch doesnt go wacko. Nexus is the worst line of tablets period.

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Um the 2013 n7 was considered the best small tablet by like every major tech site ever. Like ever ever. Not sure what delusional world you live in.


The N7 2013 is the best of the Nexus line actually, if you had said the N5 then yes i would agree, because that is total junk.

Are you kidding me?!? You're just making up things, aren't you? Did you even think about the sub-$100 Walmart tablets?

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I think you forgot, "Plain and simple, nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy tablets, period. Stock android is useless..."
We don't need another Richard Yarrell around here.
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To clarify, he is a very pro-Samsung, pro-T-Mobile troll. He was usually one of the first people to comment with his "thoughts," he often claimed Samsung and T-Mobile were the best. Period.
He often prefaced that statement with the words "plain and simple"

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Case is jealous of the device getting all the glory, so its slowly been ruining its appearance. it was only hurting itself :(, but as DWR said take the case off your device sometime ,when you feel safe enough to, i mean thats wat i do cause i have to remind myself once in a while ,why i spent all my money on it.

I would notify Google customer service about this. A tablet isn't cheap, especially in today's economy. This is a luxury. A case is supposed to protect and not cause damage to a costly electronic device. Perhaps they don't do anything, but doesn't hurt to try. Hope you update us if you do give them a call to let us know what they say mate! Best of luck!

Yeah. Good luck with that. Just wasted 2+ hours on the phone with them and they did NOTHING...wouldn't even admit it was a problem. In fact, how do we know this red dye isn't dangerous? It's leeching into the plastic back of a tablet...what about our hands? Just filed with the consumer protection division of my local state. We'll see how that goes. "Don't Be Evil" has gone out the window.

Ok, 13Elves can troll/crap on the N7, but I get a "Please submit a more constructive comment :)" filter-block when I try to submit the following semi-humorous jape?!?!

" Define 'first world problems' "

Sensitivity level set to 11. Really.

Same here...faint but there. Thinking some tape inside the case will keep it from getting worse.

This is bogus.

I bought the official red folio. Not only do I have red marks, my screen sensitivity is ridiculous. Multi-touch doesn't even work! I want to flash one of the TS fixes but I don't want to root and lose warranty.

Also many have sent in to Asus and all they did was flash older firmware.

All you need to do is flash the Google stock image and it re-locks the bootloader. Done this plenty of times with my Nexus. There's no flash counter or anything, they wouldn't know if you rooted.