Beautiful Widgets tablet beta

Widgets are a big part of Android, providing information at a glance without having to go through the steps of opening an application.  Beautiful Widgets has been a long time favorite of both fan and Android Central staff alike, and when we heard that Levelup Studio had released a public beta of a tablet version, we had to go hands-on.  It's not perfect -- beta software never is -- but it's stable, and lives up to the beautiful part of the app name.  Having said that, the toggle widgets aren't 100 percent just yet, but the clocks, weather, and battery widgets work like a champ.

Hit the break to see a quick video of them in action on the Xoom, as well as a download link for both the public beta and the full, paid Market version (Android 1.5 and up) and a link to the wallpaper before you even have to ask.  [Android Central forums]


YouTube link for mobile viewing



Link to wallpaper


Beta version

Link to public beta of Beautiful Widgets


Market version

Android Market web link

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Beautiful Widgets tablet beta hands-on


Since Android 3.0 has the time at the bottom, I would like Beautiful Widget to have a Widget with just the calendar and weather. Something like the picture above minus the clock.

Thanks for the links. You are on top of it for sure. When I got my XOOM, all of my paid apps were there and waiting to be dowloaded. I have been using my paid version on my XOOM since day one with very few problems. But it is great to see them producing a tablet specific version. Wonder if the two will merge?

I love the wallpaper. How do i set it to my xoom without having to crop it? Even when I long press on it without downloading it and choose set as wallpaper its very misplaced.