Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet

Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet


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So basically it's a Nook Color in a lighter gray color? Bet it took a designer many long minutes to come up with that lol.

Actually it's what on the inside and screen that matter. As well as people can reuse their $50 leather Nook case on the new device. Think of that as the difference between $200 and $250...

Yeah, and specs have their own section, I'm talking about the design as this is just showing pictures.

It is packing a dual core processor, 16 gigs of internal memory with sd card expansion. I think that is what it has for memory. That is allot of bang for your buck. I think it would be a hackers dream. Wonder if it would be possible to hack it so you could make calls from it???? Just thinking that is all.

I love my nook but thus verses the kindle fire is a no brainier. unless the fire is somehow locked down.

the main issue is the layout. its not a "tablet". it's large for it's size and the speakers are on the rear. the kindle is laid out better and with the "same" processor the nook doesn't even have that advantage.