Nexus 4 charger x-ray

What's cooler than having a Nexus 4 and its official wireless charging orb to go along with it? How about having access to an X-ray machine and taking a look inside? Joshua Perry on Google+ has done just that, bombarding both phone and charger with radiation and posting the results.

Probably the most striking image is this side view of the wireless charging orb. You get a sense for how much space is left untouched in the half-sphere, with a handful of screws holding it all together. There's another great one showing the Nexus 4 while it's on the charger, and you really get a sense for how it all works, without the charging elements ever actually touching each other.

Check out Perry's complete Google+ gallery here.

Thanks, Joshua & Andrew!


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An awesome X-ray look at the Nexus 4 and its wireless charger


how do you define "wireless"? cuz if you want it to be similar to Bluetooth and Wifi you are asking electricity to travel thru the air like a lightning bolt. obviousness not as massive but can you say cancer?

Sometimes, I think people forget the meaning of wireless and forget how far we've come in terms of technology.

They should of made it to work for all Android phones, why limit to a specific device? More money to be made if they designed it with all or at least newer phones from the past year an a half

Wish u had posted the pics here. Can't view social networks at my job. I'm lucky I can still comment on here. For a while I couldn't. I don't know what changed but I'm glad it did and I don't know how long it'll last before I'm blocked from leaving comments on here again. Just PLEASE don't ever use DISQUS! I cannot use that at work! Lol but seriously..

I really want the orb but that $60 price tag just pisses me off. I don't care how cheap the phone was, that shouldn't be an excuse. at $50 I may consider but honestly I think this thing should be under $50

There are other companies that make them too, like Energizer and Zens.
If anyone is interested, they work like half of a transformer (no, not the alien transformer but a real life one).
Almost all devices that you plug into the wall have transformers that are basically two coils that convert electrical power to magnetic energy and then back to electrical power.
The wireless chargers are one coil and the phone contains the other coil.