Nexus One Wiimote

What do you get when you combine a Nexus One, a bike handlebar holder and a Wiimote? The answer is a whole lot of awesome.

YouTube user baza210 made this awesome contraption and made a video demonstrating it while playing an old-school SNES ROM. See the video after the break. What makes this even better is that he is playing one of my favorite games of all time, Super Mario World!

This is what makes Android great, so keep coming up with superb ways to use these devices, and we'll keep showing them. [via CrunchGear]

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kajii says:


Kedar says:

This still requires a lot of accessories.

Nobody liked my picture that I posted of the Evo with a kickstand and wiimote. :/

andykd88 says:

List of all apps required to do this please. and is Root or hacks required?

h20squirter says:

root is most definitely required.

junglejunkie says:

All you need is SNesoid. You can use set this up in the settings "input method."

No rood req'd.

lopata says:

awesome indeed o_O

Lyanheart says:

That is the coolest thing I've seen all week

dude0909 says:

This guy is funny.

"e....whatever that means. "

"Pocketable...okay not that pocketable"

angermeans says:

I think he said practical not pockitable

BenL says:

He said both.

Something like "no one else had made such a svelte and pocketable package as this ... well, maybe it's that practical"

miniZ says:

Is that ROM CyanogenMod?

weehooherod says:

Lol its Game Gripper for keyboardless phones.

weehooherod says:

By the way he is using the free app "WiimoteController" from the android market to make this happen.

You do not need to be rooted.

carmicp says:

Perfectly awesome. Can't wait to get my Android phone! (Then with a setup like this I'll never see it again because my son will be using it all the time.....)

svitale says:

does anyone know what kind of desktop/skin he is using?

Starku says:

Now, if someone got to work on making the PS3 controllers work for Android, I would be all set! But, alas, not yet I'm afraid... Still awesome though.

huzzahmatt says:

Wow, that was pretty cool, I just realized I might get to play the awesome original Star Wars arcade game via my EVO.