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Archos has quietly introduced their latest Android tablet, the 97 Titanium. Part of their elements series, the 97 refers to the 9.7 inch display. Spec wise, the 97 Titanium is a pretty impressive piece of equipment. 

The 9.7 inch IPS display has a resolution of 2048 x 1536 with a PPI of 264. That's iPad 4 territory right there. Underneath, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean runs over a dual-core 1.6GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, but only 8GB of on-board storage. It is expandable however via microSD card, and Archos claims 64GB cards are supported with no worries. Camera wise, there's a 5MP shooter on the rear, and a 2MP front facer.

Commendably, Archos is running what looks to be a straight up, vanilla version of Jelly Bean. Instead of the screen layout we see on the Nexus 10 though, Archos has gone for what we would traditionally think of from an Android tablet. The 97 Titanium isn't the plastic hell we might possibly expect either. The casing on the rear is constructed from Aluminum, and the thickness is kept down to just 9mm.

It isn't up for sale yet, nor do we know just when and where it will be, or how much it will cost. Archos has released a number of Android devices in the past, but rarely made a compelling case for purchase. This one could be a different story. For those looking for a stock experience, oodles of storage and a killer display, the 97 Titanium could meet some needs.

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Archos introduces the 97 Titanium tablet, with a high resolution display and Jelly Bean


I really like the 4.3 ratio. Its much better for using in almost every situation beyond watching movies.

I wish more OEMs would use it. But then again, no one wants to be sued.

I was getting really excited for this device, especially if it's around $249 to $299, but after looking at all the specs, I don't think it has enough power to push that display resolution. I think it would need to be at least a quad core and have A15 to A17 architecture. The Nexus 10 is an amazing device and more powerful than this, and sometimes it has a hiccup or two pushing all of those pixels.

The trouble here is it looks a lot like the iThing its competing with, and I bet the Apple legal team may have something to say about this one.

archos actually went ahead and looked carefully at apples top patents and worked hard to stir away from going to court.. the borders are carefully sized not to be the same as apples and the camera is off center compared to the ipad/mini...

Apple typically won't sue a company they feel isn't a threat. This tablet isn't likely to stir up a frenzy in the tablet world. Just like Apple didn't sue Palm when they started using many of Apples multitouch gestures, and promising out of the box iTunes sync capabilities with the Palm Pre even when they had no legality to do so. The same more than likely applies here.

Aluminum? Metal? TF201 suffered from connectivity concerns because of this design flaw. The wireless and GPS signals still worked, but they could have been a lot better if the metal casing didn't interfere with the signal.

It's interesting that this tablet has the same screen size and aspect ratio as the iPad. But based on the specs, I don't think it's worthy of surpassing the Nexus 10.

How do you know it won't be $400? And only 8GB of storage? That can't be made up for by the SD card slot.

Everything looks good, except for the display not being centered in the bezel. Small gripe, but it's uggo.

I like the look of this, but what's the archos modding community like? Will I get android 4.3, 4.4, 5.0, 5.1, etc? I've got an SGS1 running 4.2. I like that kind of longevity.

4:3? What are we in the '40s? Ima have to pass on this. It might be the video producer in me but I don't see how a 4:3 aspect ratio would be good these days went most video content out there now is 16:9.

It's actually useful for things *other* than watching movies. I much prefer the 4:3 aspect ratio for web browsing and really anything other than watching videos.

The important thing that everyone so far has missed is that this shot shows the tablet running the far superior classic UI running where we were meant to believe was gone. The classic tablet UI is far better.