Archos 50b Platinum

Archos has announced a few new devices leading up to the inevitably busy IFA event next week. The 5-inch 50b Platinum smartphone will be landing in September for £119, its smaller cousin the 45c Platinum will launch around the same time for £99, and the 101 Oxygen will be following up in October for £199.

There are few details on specifications, but the Platinum will run Android KitKat, have a quad-core processor, dual SIM support, and an 8 megapixel primary camera. The 101 Oxygen will have a 1080p display, 1.5 GB of RAM, and run on a quad-core A17 ARM processor.

We'll keep an eye out for these budget-friendly devices as our European editors brave the conference halls at IFA. Any of you guys sporting an Archos device right now? What are your top picks for getting a device on the cheap?


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Archos announces 50b Platinum handset and 101 Oxygen tablet ahead of IFA


That's just atrocious. I personally don't mind capacitive buttons on larger 10.1" tablets, since I hate seeing so much screen real estate get gobbled up by the onscreen ones and so few apps support immersive mode.

Looks like a nexus 5... Too many company's to many phones these days

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