Archos 7

Sure, we're all about to turn our attention to what we expect to be the Apple Tablet (check out TiPB's meta-liveblog), there's still plenty of Android-powered tablet love to go around. And above is the Archos 7, outed by UK dealer Data-Mind. You're looking at a 7-inch LCD screen at 800x480, about 2.2 inches bigger than the Archos 5. There's 8GB of storage onboard, and the usual multimedia playback. Look for it in March for a very respectable £149.99 ($242). [Data-Mind via Gizmodo]


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Archos 7 - that other tablet - leaked


My mother's boyfriend's son got the Archos 5 for Christmas and it hold 16gigs. The touchscreen on it sucks hard though, I think it's resistive and not capacitive since you need to apply a bit of pressure to make it respond

Archos units include a usb port. Also, their dvr dock provides HD output to your TV. I just wish they had a buitl-in hdmi port so you wouldn't need the dock. With these devices (the A5 mainly) finally upgraded to Android 1.6, the available market place apk, and multiple screen and storage options, these devices seem to be ready for primetime at last.
Android on Archos being stable... Yeah!