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If you're a fan of the Archos 43 internet tablet and have already placed your preorder, you'll be pleased to know that shipments have started. We went hands on with a number of upcoming Archos devices back at IFA 2010, and the Archos 43 was one of them. The Android 2.2, 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor packing internet tablet might not be the device for you but many folks have been waiting for them to ship despite the fact it has no Android Market access. Any one out there already get theirs? Thanks, Mike!


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Archos 43 internet tablet now shipping


Funny thing about an android PMP (this is not a tablet) is that there is no native media access,
Ike say Itune with music and video/movies I find it rather ridiculous. Closest thing android has to that is Samsungs media hub

I'm not sure what you mean by "native", but MediaMonkey and WinAmp should work just fine. Also, you can just drag-and-drop files onto the user-accessible storage. That's a lot more "native" than using iTunes, as far as I'm concerned.

I'm not sure what he is talking about but this device seems kind of useless if you don't have access to the Android market. That's what I don't get about wifi only Android tablets, none of them have market access. Seems pointless....

I don't really see a market for this...... I mean its cool, but a 4.3" music player? There doesnt seem to be a market demand for a product like this.

Lmao funny you said that. I have a 4.3inch Archos 605 wifi. Got it a out 4years ago when there was actually a market for stuff like that

My brother wants one. He can not pay the 30 dollar a month internet access so he will get this and install the market. all the apps you can get on a smartphone and wifi at my house and school. It is a great deal really

It's a phone! It's a tablet! Wait - it's not a phone, and it's not a tablet! It's a ...... expensive web surfer.

Despite it's identity crisis, in places with good wireless, it could be all someone needs to surf the internet and listen to music, watch videos/movies, without the absurdly high cell phone prices. Would be harder for kids to run up phone bill charges, for example. With good parental controls, it could be perfect for urban kids.

How does that work? You'd still need a phone number on the phone for GVoice to call it, wouldn't you? And this thing won't even have the phone "app" to take a call.

Doesn't Google Voice for straight up calling only work in desktop Gmail?

You can combine Google Voice with a SIP provider + Sip Client and use Google Voice's callback feature to make phone calls. Sip clients in the market are 3cxphone, fring, linphone, ... and sip providers allowing free incoming calls are sipgate, ipcomms, ...

Do a search on the web for it. I've got a blog with some instructions. Prob a lil dated now. I've made several free internet calls.

You can look at YouTube to see this thing in action, and Engadget did a review of the similar (but smaller) Archos 32. If you want a cheap Android device without a monthly-contract, the current-gen Archos devices seem as good or better than anything else out there.

its not a huge market, but it exists. there are online communities of people who dont get the expensive phones but want a media player that is just as capable as one

its really just an android version of the ipod touch...but those only sell because of mac-slaves

Wow this is like my Evo if you took away the phone two cameras most of the sensors and 3/4g. The 300 I paid for my phone (no contract) seems like a bargain now at least this thing is loaded.

really a great bargain, now prove that you got a brand new Evo 4G for only 300 no contract, i paid 218 with contract on mine... Blah blah blah