White Nexus 4

An extensive new white Nexus 4 sighting leaves us with just as many questions as it answers

We know based on previous pictures that at least in some capacity LG has made the Nexus 4 with a white casing, and this is probably the most extensive look at the device we have to date. At a conference in Dubai, the folks at TechView found a white model of the Nexus 4 sitting on display at a Qualcomm booth of all places. The device looks basically identical to previous leaks to our eyes, with a "crystal reflective process" back plate, the same silver plastic band around the screen and black bezels on the front of the device. The device is running just Android 4.2 (rather than 4.2.2 like other Nexus 4s), but other than that nothing on the video stands out to us as setting this device apart.

Interestingly, more still photos of the white Nexus 4 surfaced from the same show in a forums post on The Verge, which also give us a good look at the device. One thing that these show us is the FCC ID printed on the back, which is identical to that of the current Nexus 4. Could this be little more than just a white color option to refresh the Nexus 4 several months after its launch? Google I/O may be a good time for Google to let us know for certain.

Stick around after the break to see the video in full, and follow the source link if you're interested in seeing a few more random stills of the device.

Source: TechView.me; The Verge Forums

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didnt google release a white gn a long time after it debuted? Hopefully if they do it will have more storgare

Yeah there was a white version, but it was only released in an extremely limited quantity and only in certain markets internationally (or through importers to the US).

tim242 says:

A phone that is black on the front half is not a white phone. Not to mention, it is ugly.

Pollster says:

I put a white skin on the back of my mom's Nexus 4 and it's not that bad. It still has black sides and I do not consider it a white phone, but it's not bad.

Lanhoj says:

So just a white back?
I'd consider replacing my black N4 if the front was white too otherwise no thanks.

gtg465x says:

Not gonna lie... a white Nexus 4 with support for AT&T LTE running Android 4.3 would probably make me drool a bit. But then I would remember I have an unlocked HTC One and wipe the drool off my face.

angryGTS says:

HTC One over a Nexus 4? No way......ugly phone.

DJock93 says:

whhhhatttttttttt dude lol I love Nexus devices but the One is a beautiful device..

That's an insane statement! Though were all entitled to our own opinions, but I have to say the HTC One is simply beautiful. Don't get me wrong I love my nexus 4 its sleek back.

P8TRIOT says:

Are you serious? I am a proud owner of the Nexus 4 purchased directly from Google. I love the Nexus particularly because it is a Nexus phone, but the build quality is way way inferior to the HTC One, there has yet to be a phone-including the iPhone, which is epertly made, and beautiful- that has matched HTC One in premium feel.

Sophos says:

Was this the "improved" design N4? I didn't see any nipples/feet on the back...

icyrock1 says:

Now that you mention it, neither do I. Maybe they new backing prevents the slipping or something?

snookasnoo says:

The only thing stopping me from getting an LG Optimus Pro is waiting to see if an LTE Nexus 4 for AT&T or especially Verizon is announced.

turdbogls says:

not sure why anyone is expecting an all white nexus phone. the White nexus S, the White Galaxy Nexus, and the White Nexus 7 ALL had all black fronts to them. i assume it is to cut costs as making 2 front glass panels would cost more money than just one and swapping out the housing of each. not sure if that is the reason or not, but its a good guess IMO.
IMO they all looked great, but this one just doesn't do it for me. i would have to see it in person before i could buy one.

Shamrock says:

Maybe these are actually going to roll out at Google I/O at all T-Mo stores? I would love an LTE Verizon version. Please? :( (it'll never happen..)

icyrock1 says:

After the debacle with the Gnex at Verizon, I don't blame them for not wanting to make another CDMA version (and this is coming from a Sprint user).

Wouldn't surprise me. Nexus LTE for TMo and AT&T unlocked from play store with Verizon and Sprint opting it because AT&T has exclusive on Optimus G Pro. I didn't state a 4 in title because they could upgrade chipset to Snapdragon 600 and add LTE in and not consider it a big update. White and black, 32GB option. Please and thank you.

ShahinTr says:

This is rather pointless......why didn't Google or LG just come out with a nice shimmering white slim case instead? This is ugly, just looks like a plastic surgery gone wrong.

rolefourlife says:

Can anyone see if that one has the new little nubbins on the back like the added to newer Nexus 4s? That might tell us if this thing is even newer than that and maybe expected to be released soon.

No nubbins.

quickmirror says:

That appears to be old enough not to have the new knubs and still have just 4.2. I wonder how long that's been around.

angryGTS says:

Since the dawn of time :p

nickacs says:

Old like your mom's puddy!

Morjesta says:

What is this? Just a white battery door (& SIM Tray) in a black Nexus?
Too bad that the front is black. It looks like an aftermarket part.

scaots says:

Color doesn't matter. What's important is what is inside. Same FCC id doesn't make LTE likely. Hopefully there is at least a storage bump.

I personally think it looks better in white.

biln says:

Wow!!! A white phone, what will they think of next??? Blue???

maryjane2300 says:

Hopefully they at least up the storage to 32gb


Besides the cosmetic changes, it really isn't anything new.

However, if they do start coming in with 32GB and 64GB versions........

PJMAN2952 says:

Looks ugly.

fmxbrando says:

I would like it more with a white bezel.. without it everyone BUT you knows it's white