Android tablets in Indian buses

Want to ride in style?  In India, trips on the bus don't have to be a boring affair now that the government is providing free use of seven inch Android tablets, built right into the back of the headrest.  Simply log in (your account and credentials are remembered for next time) and you have complete use of these generic Android tablets to watch video, use maps, check your bank account -- just about anything you can do with a tablet running Android.  The best part is that it's absolutely free for the passengers. 

Bring this to the US now, please.  Until then, there's another pic and a video after the break.  Thanks Kartik!


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Android tablets at work in Indian buses


Check my bank account on an android tablet on a public bus. I'll pass, thanks.
And I wonder how long they remain nice and snug on the bus.

Yeah, vote em down! How dare they suggest that technology be cheap, accessible and ubiquitous! /sarcasm

Really, does no one dream anymore? No wonder the US economy is crap.

Since bus companies are private in the U.S. it'll never happen that way here. The government would never intervene and the bus companies would only add something like that if their competition was getting the upper hand somehow.
I'd rather have my own, anyways!

Having just spent 6 months in India, and got back last week, I can call SERIOUS BS on this video. The public buses have 25 seats, but upwards of 50 people cram into them. There's often more people hanging off of the sides and on top of the roof then there are even inside the bus. It's a total joke.

I rode buses all over India, and sometimes paid extra for "luxury" buses that had less people but basically the same conditions.

I'm sure the gov't is "rolling these out" to incredibly high end buses in very developed countries, but I'm willing to bet less then 3 buses have them, as they would surely get vandilized.