Android Central Valentine's Day Contest

Awwwwwwwww. Isn't that sweet? It's Lloyd with a green heart. And a Nexus 4. And a Nexus 7. Yeah, we're falling for the Valentine's Day fanfare this year, and you're going to reap the benefits in our inaugural Android Central Valentine's Day Contest.

Wanna win a Nexus 7 and a Nexus 4? And find out how I tricked this woman into taking a picture with me? Read on for all the deets.

Seeing as how I'm feeling a bit mushy this February, here's how we're going to work things:

  • To enter this contest, you will need to post in this forum thread. <--------- Use that link right there. Don't use the comments in this post. (Those of you who do shall be mocked mercilessly.)
  • This is our first couples contest. It's going to require a picture of you and your significant other. Guy, gal, four-legged friend. Doesn't matter to us. We wanna see you with someone you care about. Or at least someone you bribed for a picture. (Or if all else fails, show us a pic of you and your beloved phone.)
  • Those who post pictures (again, do it in that forum thread) of you and your significant other get entered to win one of two grand prizes: A 32GB Wifi Nexus 7 and a 16GB Nexus 4. Plus we'll throw in a couple of sweet LloydGear T-shirts for each set of winners.
  • Five runners-up will receive Lloyd T-shirts.

Got it? Snap a pic your pal -- the more mushy the better; this is a Valentine's contest, after all -- and post it in the forum thread. Done. And since this was my bright idea, I'll go first. Say hi to my lovely wife, @snickinson.

A couple fine points: This one's open to anyone, anywhere. One entry per person -- so make it good. Also keep it safe for work. (If it's not safe for work, e-mail it to Jerry for safe keeping.)

We'll end this contest at 8 a.m. Eastern time Friday, Feb. 15. Good luck!


Reader comments

Android Central's Valentine's Day contest: Nexus 4s and Nexus 7s up for grabs!


"And find out how I tricked this woman into taking a picture with me?"

I lol'd.

Guess I'm taking a pic of me and my phone. :(

I'm going to comment here for the express purpose of being mocked mercilessly. Negative attention is still attention... <sarcasm>Do I win?</sarcasm>

Thanks for creating this contest. I was having a rather dull day and looking at all the beautiful photos of the couples, kids, animals, etc. made my day! High 5s to all who posted...

If that's who you will be spending your evening with on Valentines, then it sounds like it should count :)

Make some eyes and a mouth on paper and tape it to the box for the pic. That should improve your chances, I think ;)

"A couple fine points: This one's open to anyone, anywhere. One entry per person -- so make it good."

One per person or one per couple?
What if I have a super hot nerdy girlfriend who has an account here?

Well I'm out unless of course I can take a picture of me holding my GNex with the screen showing my blog. I started my blog Valentine's Day last year and its the only thing I pay that much attention too. Or if you want to send me a Nexus 4, I'll take a picture of me with my new device.

Re: (If it's not safe for work, e-mail it to Jerry for safe keeping.) Whats' Jerry's preference? :) Willing to do anything to get my hands on Nexus4!!!

With 2 weeks before this contest ends, who wants to bet on how many pages this contest thread gets?
I have posted mine and it's super cute. :)

Wow Phil I hope that's not your wife. I feel sorry for her being stuck with your ugly mug. haha! Thanks for the contest. I'm hoping to win the N7.

Reads geeky tech blogs... Still gets reminded he's Forever Alone. :(
Good luck to the couples who enter the contest though.

I was a little bored tonite, for a while. And started looking a the pics of the contest.
Made me feeling very lucky being with the BOSS.
Doesn't mather if I don't win, as usual, spended a nice while...
Thanks, and happy Valentine all...

Looks like someone is out of his league... but I suppose that maybe her glasses were off & she didn't know what she was saying "yes" to. Good for you, Phil!

OMG! My eyes! My eyes! Looking at the submitted pix (not that I'm any better! ;P). Good luck to those who have submitted a pic. I don't envy the judges. :eek: LOL (My lady and I refuse to post pix online). :)

It will be impossible to take of a picture of both myself and my significant other.

After all, to take the picture I need to hold the phone with my left hand.

How do I upload the picture? I only get the prompt about adding the picture from a URL and it is on my computer? HELP! I really want to win.