We just got past Canada Day, and now it's the Fourth of July weekend, and you will be busy outside with the barbecue and having some fun with the family, but who can really pass up the opportunity to find some new applications? Let's hit the break and check out some of our favorite picks for this week.

 Menno - Battleheart ($2.99)


I stumbled upon this app because the developer wrote a blog post about his experience porting the app to Battle HeartAndroid, as well as how he felt it compared to the iOS market. So, I clicked on the link in the blog and found my new addiction. Battleheart is a RPG Arena-style game where you have a party of four heroes and each level puts you up against increasingly more difficult waves. Defeating a level nets you some gold and a new piece of equipment. You can use the gold to purchase new items, new heroes, or upgrade existing items. Your heroes will "level up" the more you use them, granting them special abilities (like the Cleave you see in my screenshot). The game looks great on a tablet, and it's rather satisfying to see a skeleton fall apart in slow time as your fireball rips it to shreds. [Market Link]

Anndrew Vacca - Jenga ($2.99)


I won't even waste my breath asking whether or not you remember Jenga. Of course you do-- it's that Jengablock tower game that made you cry over and over again as the pieces crumbled to the ground. Well, now the emotional game of balance is on your Android device, and it's just as fun as ever. The game itself looks amazing-- the developers put a lot of thought into creating a multi-dimensional UI that maintains the game's essential dependance on touch and balance. Touch a block and slide your finger up and down to either push or pull. But not too hard! Gentle is key here, and even then, just like in the real game, you need a bit of luck and a whole lot of patience to keep the tower upright. You'll enjoy this if you've ever played the real game. Heck, it was designed with input from the game's original creator, Leslie Scott. If that doesn't tempt your $2.99, I don't know what will. [Market Link]

Alex Dobie - eBay (Free)


The official eBay app for Android has undergone something of a refit recently, bringing improved Ebayperformance, a sleeker UI and a boatload of new functionality. Whereas the previous version had a pretty limited feature set, the new eBay app now supports selling items, marking them as shipped and viewing feedback ratings. That's in addition to everything that was already provided, including full access to My eBay and optional notifications when watched items are about to end. Veteran eBayers will also welcome the performance boost in the latest version of the app -- searching, viewing item descriptions and navigating through My eBay are all noticeably faster than before. So there are some great new additions which may tempt users away from the many unofficial eBay apps floating around the market. As ever, the official eBay app for Android is available for free from the Market, for devices running Android 2.1 and above. [Market Link]

Chris Parsons - Big Sport Fishing 3D

Big Sport Fishing

Big Sport FishingOK, I'll admit it. This isn't actually my pick of the week, it's my son's -- he loves this game. Big Sport Fishing 3D offers a realistic like fishing experience where you have to flick your device just to even cast your line into the water. As you move around, the scenes change, as if you were in a boat with the water moving the boat around. It also features 10 different locations to choose from and once you get a fish on your line, you have to pull back on your phone to reel in your catch. Given that my son is 7, I installed in on my Samsung Galaxy Tab for him as it's larger to hold -- he's spent hours playing it thus far and enjoys the fact once you catch a fish you can take a pic of it and share with others. There is a lite, free version available where the full version will cost about $4. [Market Link]


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Android Central Editors' app picks for July 2, 2011


there are no invitations fro google+.
Went over capacity two days ago, they arent accepting anyone else.

your wrong. It hits capacity a few times and hour. You just have to keep trying every few minutes. Ive got my whole family on and a few of my friends today.

Battleheart is a cool game I frikkin love it! The Golem at the end of the second level if a MONSTER! The only problem I have with it, is that after long game play, the game has the tendency to crash and lose game play since the game was last started.

Got Jenga Free from Amazon. Great game to play with friends.

Here is my app pick of the week - Brostache

Battleheart is one of my favorite games! I snagged jenga from the amazon appstore when it was free and that is really fun also!

I read that blog post too. It amazes me that, given there being more Android phones sold daily AND more actual Android phones in operation in the U.S. than iOS devices, that our paid app stats are so low. I guess it must be iPads; there are a lot more iOS tablets out there, and presumably they buy a lot of games like Battleheart. And the average iPhone owner may be more app-focused or willing to spend money, I suppose.

In any event, I love Battleheart, and he's right about the lack of quality apps. We need to keep rewarding developers like him by buying their products!

I think the reason for the disparity (the idea that Android users don't want to pay) comes down to two things: Giftcards, and the ipod touch. Giftcards (and the itunes market that created it) means that people are getting "free money" to purchase content with. A lot of people I know with iPhone's don't purchase content unless they have a gift card. The ecosystem is much better about encouraging purchases, which is why Google should've implemented a gift card system at least a year ago. iPod touch's are in the hands of a ton of people who don't have credit cards, but they can get money from their parents. This is the biggest boost to the game disparity imo.

Heads up guys - since I posted my email here asking for Google invite i've started to receive spam from China. Beware!

You people are pathetic.... Everyone that listed their email address for a google+ invite I just signed you up for some porn spam.... So enjoy