Android 4.4.3 on Nexus 7

Over-the-air update files now available for multiple devices

Following the recent release of Android 4.4.3 for Nexus devices in factory image form, the first over-the-air updates have started rolling out this morning. So far we've confirmed it's rolling out for the Nexus 7 2013 (Wifi), Nexus 5 and Google Play editions of the Galaxy S4, HTC One M7 and HTC One M8. We'd expect more Nexus devices (and eventually Google Play editions) to follow with OTAs in the near future, and as always not everyone will get the update immediately. In the meantime, impatient Nexus owners can always fall back on a manual install of the update if they're feeling adventurous.

We've got download links and more info after the break.

You'll want to double-check which specific build of Android you're running, and your device should be 100 percent stock before applying the OTA to avoid any issues. For more info on how to manually flash a Nexus update, check out our guide.


We'll update this post with links for more devices as they become available.

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Android 4.4.3 OTA updates hitting Nexus and GPe devices [Updated]


Just wasting your time. The button doesn't really do anything. It only checks once per day regardless of how many times you press it.

I was under the impression that updates like this were rolled out in waves by IMEI number. The button works, but until your number is up, it doesn't find an update.

It's not by IMEI number because tablets (and other devices) without a cellular radio don't have one.

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im not 100% certain, but I strongly believe it has absolutely nothing to do with imei# and the OTA actually gets rolled out in waves by an identifier called a "region code" and the date the device was manufactured. A: region code + B: Date. now, its not exact date, but time periods or lots. the first 1000 nexus 7 2013 may have A at the end of the serial number and then the next wave of 10,000 devices will have B at the end and so on... the OTA takes a random region code and timestamp puts the two together and rolls out to those devices. this is not fact, this is me scanning my memory of a factual article from a trusted source that I read while impatiently waiting for the original Kit-Kat update... the article is no where to be found now, but i remember it explained the OTA to something of the likes of what i just stated... basically they do it this way so they dont overload the servers like apple does everytime they release their updates and poor isheep sit and stare at their thick small screened large extra large bezel no back button having uncustomizable everyone's looks the same over priced basic cant do anything special iphones and cry about their phone isnt working and everything is lagging...

Very true hence why I headed on over to the supplied links then sideloaded 4.4.3
Let's see what this update has for us.

So, mashing the button does have some merit. If they roll out the batches of updates every 2 hours or so but your phone really only checks in on its own once a day then conceivably you would get the update possibly an entire day earlier than you would if you don't mash the button.

Let's say your phone checks in at 8am and they roll out the update to your MEID or whatever at 9:00am. Without mashing that button you wouldn't see that update until the next day.

You are correct.
But that really doesn't help all that much, so it is a lot of effort and obsession for very little return. Mathematically it could only someone save someone a half a day on average, *if* he pressed it regularly, 24 hours a day (which is totally unrealistic).

Another example: you mash the stupid button every waking hour and on the 6th day of this you went to bed at 11pm. The update rolls out at 11:30pm. In the morning your phone checked at 6am before you even woke up and got the update. You wasted 6 days of your effort. :)

I agree... I love how Apple releases an update and everyone can go grab it that moment.

Have you ever tried to grab an apple update at that moment?
If you had you wouldn't think it was so great.
Every single time apple has a major update it's servers get hosed and the download fails every time you try to download it and stupid itunes doesn't even support resuming the download, you have to start again from scratch.

Google's staggered updates might frustrate geeks who want it the second it drops, but Google's method is much better for average users than apples.
Apple updates suck. I get frustrated and wait a few days every time because the update won't complete.

And it's not like you can't side load the OTA as soon as it drops for your device.

The major updates are the ones that get hammered on iOS every other update is fine and even then its usually fine after 24-48 hours still better than a few weeks waiting on google to push out updates if you don't want to start everything from scratch again.

I said major update lol.
For the average user I think apples upgrades are more of a headache. May have to wait for it, but I've never had a android update fail.

And if you absolutely can't wait ota side loading isn't hard.

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thats actually pretty rare on current phones (considering samsung seems to be keeping their 2 year old phones up to date and HTC, and Motorola etc etc)

It's true. I waited over two weeks to get the notification for 4.1.2 on my nexus s 4g a little while ago...and that phone is DEAD now, so it shouldn't have taken very long at all to get it.

Apple announced iOS8 this week and it will not be available for months. Google announced 4.4.3 less than two days ago and it was available immediately if you use the factory images or within a day or two for the OTA. That sounds better than months to me.

There is a clear difference between announcing features in an update and making said update available. It's not like Google keeps whats new in an update a total secret up until it's available.
Besides, iOS 8 is mayor update. And as Google would to too (I would imagine), it's released first for developers so they have time to ensure compability. That being said iOS 8 beta has been available since monday and, since you mention using factory images to avoid waiting for an OTA notification, can be installed even if you’re not a registered developer.

Really? With Apple you have to wait for a full firmware update to get simple refinements. Google and now most OEMs update most of that stuff via weekly core app updates via the PlayStore. Sorry no thanks. I'll take Google's method even if you have to wait a few days for actual firmware OTAs

Posted via Android Central App on my daily driver, the Droid MAX

I've had. Every single time. Sure, it takes like 3 hours to download which is totally understandable considering there're probably hundreds of thousands of users downloading the update at the same time.
If you're having trouble downloading it on day 1 then try again the next day. Easy.
Meanwhile, I've had to wait for more than two weeks for my Nexus 5 to get an update notification ever since I got it.

I'm just pointing out that apples update process has issues too, it could at least support some kind of resume and retry instead of just crapping out.
Which is better depends on your usage, its a lot easier to get the ota on android once its released and side load it. I just side loaded mine. For those of us that are impatient.

The servers get raped when a new update is posted for iOS. Usually you need to wait till late in the day or next day to get it.

Yea that is very true. But the servers always crash and some people have issues. Either way the update system being different for different os is not a big deal.

Frag to the men to the tation

Nah but I love android just say in

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5

I disagree because to do that every Android phone would have the same boring experience..

Posted via Android Central App

Meh. Not excited. I can wait, even though I'm sure I'll still check for updates once a day.

Posted via my oldie but goodie Nexii 4 using the Android Central App

Surprise! You're the only one who knew that hidden bit of info.

Posted via my oldie but goodie Nexii 4 using the Android Central App

100% stock? That isn't true. You can have a custom kernel, for example, or xposed installed.

Posted via Android Central App

Unless you push it yourself through adb/fastboot the OTA will fail if you have a custom kernel/recovery anyway so no one is ruining their phone by trying to install it this way. Just uninstall the xposed framework installer and use fastboot to flash-all, making sure to erase the -w. I did that over both a custom kernel and recovery and it updated just fine. Just re-flash then again when you're done along with your super user and you're good to go.

You can also do the same thing, disable xposed, install stock kernel and use a custom recovery to flash the ota zip. No data wipe and its just like taking the ota update. Worked flawlessly for me, plus I didn't lose root since I had supersu ota rootkeeper enabled.

Will be hitting F5 on this post once a minute from now until they post the N5 OTA link! To quote the great Phil Nickinson: "Good things come to those who wait, but it comes to those who sideload faster"

Google already has the 4.4.3 factory image on their dev website for most Nexus devices. I'll be making a clean flash.

You can also upgrade that way.. Just remove the -w from the flash command. Much faster than reinstalling all your apps.

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Is the AOSP gallery app removed and fully replaced by Google+ Photos? Like on the newer Play Edition phones.

No, it's not; I have flashed 4.4.3 on my Nexus 4, and the only difference I could see it's a small redesign of Phone.

Hope not. I need gallery app to properly view photos by folder. They broke the photos app with the last update

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If someone who uses app ops updates and can confirm it still works I would be very happy!

Posted via Android Central App

Thank you! And kudos for being braver than me! App ops is a must have for me nowadays.

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If you want to wipe your device completely, then fine. Otherwise, you have to wait for an upgrade package instead of a factory image.

No, if you know what you're doing you can unpack the factory image and update without harming data, leaving custom recovery intact. It isn't even hard to do.
Posted via Android Central App

It requires learning how to use fastboot and having proper drivers installed. I wouldn't call it easy for someone who has never done it before.

Anything is daunting the first time you do it. But with a decent guide and a moderate amount of intelligence it's fairly straightforward.

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Nothing here, at the Hilton San Diego hotel bar, third table to the left from the entrance (facing north).

Posted via Android Central App

That's your problem. Everyone knows Google update the south facers first.

Posted via Android Central App

If anyone updates and is able to keep root with supersu root keeper let us know.

Posted via Nexus 5 Android Central App

Just saw a recent update to this. It did not happen with this update. Root is safe for now.

Posted via Nexus 5 Android Central App

No one's worried about having to re-root, it's losing the ability to re-root that people are concerned about.

Also, I'm sure he does a good job and all but toolkits are yucky.

Posted via Android Central App

Just installed the OTA .zip on my Nexus 7 (2013) from /sdcard with CWM Recovery As always, I was prompted to fix root before exiting. I'd sideload or install from /sdcard in a custom recovery to keep root.

Update: Just finished booting and it turns out that I did in fact lose root access this time, which surprised me. Also killed my custom recovery, so it looks like I'll be heading over to the computer now.

Not experiencing any random reboots on mines. Not to say it doesn't exist tho... The camera drain thing seems common and had no probs with that either

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I never had this camera drain bug everyone speaks about, though I don't use my camera a lot (mostly to take down notes here and there)... If I've had any battery drain issues on my Nexus 5 they've usually been caused by Google+ wakelocks, or some other Google services keeping the phone awake for an hour or two, it's not common by any means though.

I hope they fix it. I also hope they fix the locked screen orientation thing that's been happening to my Nexus.

Posted through my Nexus 7!

Took them 6 months to release this update... Glad it's finally here because a couple of the bugs are really annoying.

If this fixes the Media Server drain on my N10, I will shit myself with joy.

I express joy strangely, DON'T JUDGE ME.

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Everything stock means I guess I'll need to unroot. It's on stock ROM though, I thought it will still update but loses root status.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm drinking Fanta Orange today and I don't have it either. Anyone out there confirm that Fanta Grape is helping them get this update??

Does anyone know if it is possible to update the 2012 nexus 7 with a unlocked bootloader?

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Everyone will eventually get the update for phones like the S5, LG G3, Moto G, Moto X, ect. Just hold on its all timing of when manufacturers get the update and push it to that device!!!

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It's currently 1450 AL here in King's Landing and I still do not have 4.4.3. Anybody in Westeros have it yet? Why must the Gods hate me so!??!?!

I'm actually a fan of Staged roll outs. If an big bug happens, then Google can stop the rollout (like with what happened to Android 4.4.1).
I'm OK with waiting a bit, but once an is released, I'm updating!

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Hope it really clears up the wifi dropping every 5-10 minutes. Streaming audio was a pain on the nexus 5 with 4.4.2

It's all about clearing and force stopping that Google services framework . It has worked for me before. As in I checked for update and nothing, then cleared data on GSF and checked again.... And voila there it was. Even though it's not working this time I have faith in this method .

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If you're not prepared to wait, sideload it. The images were available before the OTAs even.

If that's too much hassle you fall into the narrow space between 'must have it now' and 'can't be bothered to learn how to get it now'...

Posted via Android Central App

I'm trying to sideload the update and when I type in "adb reboot recovery" into the command prompt it says device not found. It's connected via USB and has debugging mode on so not really sure what the problem is

Posted via Android Central App

Use Wugs Fresh toolkit to install drivers. It has an indepth tutorial. Drop the update into the "data" folder in the Wugs Fresh folder and use the command prompt in advanced settings. That is how I do it and it has been fairly painless once you get the drivers working.

Still nothing in London's The City of London, on this, the 2nd day of the long cold winter of OTA updates.

Nothing here in India for my Nexus 7(2012) but sideloaded on Nexus 5..

Now also waiting for Moto G,E, Xperia Z1 unlocked...:-)

Posted via Android Central App

How would you do that ? I swapped from iOS recently. Don't know shit. Help me out.

Posted via Android Central App

Just read this post and all the details are given with procedure...I've always sideloaded whenever link is posted...not a difficult task...

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Heard only nexus 5 with locked boot loader is receiving ... I have not yet...
Check now
Check now
Check now
Hhhhhh, come on, check now

Does this fix the touch screen issues on the 2013 Nexus 7? unlocked at rooted it just to use the zip file fix on XDA.....but even that wasn't perfect.

Couldn't wait for the OTA... Here's how I did it:
- Backed up apps to Google Drive using Helium Premium - formerly Carbon (So worth the $5 to be able to do it through cloud storage as opposed to saving file to my PC, but I suppose you could do it that way as well with the free version)
- Opened my Nexus Root Tool Kit ( on my PC. (This is an absolute lifesaver for unlocking, rooting, etc)
Clicked on "Flash Stock + Unroot"
When "Which factory image" window opens, select Android 4.4.3 build for your appropriate device, and "Automatically download + extract the factory image selected above for me."
- Then follow the steps outlined by NRT. That's it! Simple! It does it all for you.
- Now your phone is Flashed to Android 4.4.3 Stock, and if you choose to re-root your phone you can do it now using the same tool. No fuss ... It does it all for you!!!
- Then I reinstalled Helium on my phone, followed the prompts to set it back up, and re-installed all of my app data. Nothing lost ... All of my files are as they were (Except for my texts because I forgot to back them up. No biggie)

Good luck! Hopefully my battery will last more than 2 hours now. We shall see...

(You could also back up all of your files using NRT, but for me Helium was just easier this time around)

Sideloading worked fine for my Nexus 5. Windows even installed the correct drivers without me having to do anything. Well, it installed galaxy nexus adb drivers which apparently work.

Depends. If you are rooted but have not deleted any system apps or installed a custom recovery or messed with your kernel(some auto root methods mess with the kernel) it will probably work. You would want to use survival mode in supersu to keep root. If you have changed anything as far as system apps, recovery or kernel it won't work and would be easiest to just go to XDA and flash a stock rooted rom.

I have a Nexus 5 non-rooted with the stock launcher but still i didn't recieved the android 4.4.3 update. why?

Google uses a dumb staged rollout that could take up to 1 or 2 weeks to fully hit all devices. It is the same with the apps they update in the app store.

You can pretty easily sideload it if you follow the link above otherwise just a waiting game.

The one update I was in no rush to get, and I already have it. Wtg Google

Posted via my oldie but goodie Nexii 4 using the Android Central App

Just got it on my Nexus 5 on Sprint. Also my Friend just got it on his Nexus 5 on T mobile. Looks like Google is pushing it out for all Nexus 5 for all carriers.

Posted via Android Central App from a Nexus 5

I've owned a Nexus One, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 5, and Nexus 7. 4.4.3 for N5 is the *first* ota that I have received mainstream style (got it today via T-Mobile data. no luck checking on home wifi yesterday or this morning...) I actually wondered what the notification looks like, as I've always been so impatient and always manually updated (for those times that I wasn't doing the cm nightly thing). So, I guess I'm saying that either I'm more patient or I find stock Android more acceptable. Probably just that Android is more mature. And I haven't needed root enough to not be stock.


It seems like they are rolling 4.4.3 for Sony Z Ultra GPe as well. Owners of Xperia Z Ultra (Sony Edition) will be able to flash it soon since the GPe ROM is about to be updated.

Patiently waiting on my N5...usually I get the updates 2 weeks after everyone else has received theirs

Stupid question but how do I update my Nexus 5 because I'm rooted with Franco kernal?

Posted via Android Central App

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong but my research on this says you need to reinstall the stock kernel but can be rooted.

Posted via Android Central App

Yup good update..........
Good thing I was steady following this for months. I always wanted my stock dialer app refreshed. But that's about it? I never had any other issues /bugs on my GPE Nex. 5 that I have ever ran across that i know of, but @ under 100mb i wasn't expecting much.

Posted via Android Central App

I notice the 2012 Nexus 7 is absent from the list above, but does have an image file on google's dev site. I'll just wait for the notification.

Unfortunately I have started getting Bluetooth drop out issues between my nexus 7 and Bose Sound link speaker since I side loaded the update! I never had these issues before!

I have tried unpairing both devices and reset the speaker, but the issue is still there, drops sound for a split second every 2 or 3 mins!

Maybe hold off on the update for now if you don't actually have any issues, I didn't before the update!

Just got it on Rogers Nexus 4 (bought straight from Google). Happily I had no idea it was coming so I didn't need to do any button mashing.

Update: 4.4.3 bricked my Nexus 4. Stuck in a continual start up loop. Called Google and they offered to extend my warranty because my phone is indeed "bricked". The rep even had me do a factory reset and still nothing.

Since this is just a bug fixes update I don't see major changes. Of course we know abt the dialer, there are small changes in camera app. Can't wait to find out all the differences but nothing major.

Posted via Android Central App

I downloaded today and the screen started flickering off and on. Now the screen is flickering rapidly and won't stop!

My Nexus 7 2013, was working perfectly before the download.

I did a factory reset... :( All through the factory reset, the screen kept doing the rapid flickering. after about 5 minutes of all my apps reinstalling, gradually the flickering slowed down until it stopped completely. No more screen flicker. I just wonder if I had not done the factory reset if the screen flicker would have gone away if I just left the screen on.

Hey guy, my nexus 5 can't get H+ after an update E, 3G, H and LTE only..most of time I'm running 3G mode with H+ but now can't get H+ anymore im on D821 model with KOT49H before.

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Nexus 5 here (Check!)
Stock (Check!)
OTA available (Check!)
ADB Sideload (Check!)

KiKat 4.4.3 CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Nexus 4 already received the OTA update.. it's done ... I only see the change in the dialer, and nothing more..

I know it is old news now but just wanted to let you know that Nexus 4 and 7 (2013) updated now in UK, Nexus 5 and 7 (2012) still waiting.

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Looking forward to seeing if the upgrade has fixed Bluetooth on N4 as has been useless since KitKat.

Posted via Android Central App

Why haven't I received 4.4.3 yet and i bought my N5 from Google,I'm using sprint this is Bs anyone else using sprint getting this update

I haven't gotten it either. However I'm on ATT. Google releases the updates to every phone. The phone company doesn't matter. I have a weird feeling though that they might have pulled the update for some weird reason. We should have it by now. Something just doesn't seem right.

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A couple of my friends have it already,even my boy who has an moto X rcvd his update smh.I thought having the N5 is suppose to get everything first

Just got my update on my nexus 7 (2013) just waiting for my nexus 5 to get it . San Antonio ,Texas

Posted via Android Central App

I got the notification today at about 11:45 am. I accepted the got downloaded and its been installing for last 8 hours. Anybody knows what is happening here?
My phone is a Nexus 4 (unlocked), it had 1 GB of free space when i had accepted the upgrade.

Did you recover it at all? I also started the update and after taking for ever it got interrupted and now my tablet (Asus Nexus 7) is a brick. Doesn't start at all. Any suggestions anyone?

Don't do it! If you don't have the update, don't get it. I got it on my nexus 5 and my phone does at least three times a day now. I charge over night and unplug at 100%. Without playing games, two texts to my husband and one five minute phone call, I'm left with a 14% notification. I changed over to power save mode and it doesn't help. I'm in the process of uninstalling now.

Yesterday N7 grouper come up with message Update to 4.4.3 ... I allowed and since than tablet is brick. Spins bubles for ever.. How to bring it back to life ... help please.
I have Android SDK, downloaded 4.4.4 image for N7 (grouper) should reverse to 4.4.2 or to 4.4.4 ???

I also started the update and after taking for ever it got interrupted and now my tablet (Asus Nexus 7) is a brick. Doesn't start at all. Any suggestions?

Anyone had this update brick their phone/tablet after it got interrupted? I started the update and after taking forever it got interrupted (I know, not something I would have chosen) and now my tablet (Asus Nexus 7) is a brick. Doesn't start at all. Any suggestions anyone?