Google Nexus One

It'll be a cold day in hell before you catch an executive talking bad about their product. Case in point: Google CFO Patrick Pichette, who was talking up the Nexus One at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom conference in San Francisco.

At the event, Pichette called the Nexus One "a benchmark-setter" and said "It's raising everybody's game." Such cheerleading is expected from a CFO, but he reportedly also said that the mood at Google has been "electric" and "we're absolutely delighted with the results" of the Nexus One launch. [Wall Street Journal]


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And speaking of the Nexus One ...


I do agree, it has weaned me off of iPhone. Now if they would just respond to the touchscreen quirks, it would be all groovy and I'd share in their delight even more.

I dunno.. I don't know if I'd call it raising the bar, I would say it is the next step in an evolutionary series, along with the Desire and possibly the Incredible.

I also find the marketing and support of it to be lacking, however. You can't get good service and you can't upgrade on a family plan with it. How are they expecting to have big sales. Not from me, if they don't upgrade the family plan. eh. whatever.

That's a TMo issue and not a Google issue. Your carrier decides what service you can and can't sign up for.

Their stupid requirements behind the sales model go beyond nuts. I was due a full upgrade from T-Mobile.. the Google sales site refused to honor it because we are on a family plan. Are these people insane? I went to my local T-Mobile company store and they agreed that this has caused them countless problems. I, of course, decided on another device vs. allowing Google to highjack me for $500 for nothing more then an HTC phone. The Nexus One is not the end all and be all... even though some who have paid a huge price for it would like to claim. I guess you need to justify spending that kind of money by making something into something its not.

Google better get their act together. More and more people are going onto family plans and if Google doesn't get their head out of the sand (or somewhere else) they will loose countless sales. Oh.. they already have!

I have no comment on the family plan issue since I have a single line. That sucks. But have you used it? The phone is pretty fantastic. I don't think it's the "end all and be all"... I paid full price to get a cheaper monthly plan and no contract. The phone is justification in itself.

What do you mean you cant upgrade with a family plan ? You most certainly can, I did and have 4 phones on my account all sharing the same famly 1500 plan

You got 4 Nexus Ones? Because that's what the discussion is about, how Google will not honor upgrades for the Nexus One for people who are using a Family Plan.

I was never a T-Mobile customer before the Nexus One. I bought the phone on contract for $179.00 .wanted to see how there service was iN my area. 1 week later I added 3 other phones to my account for members of my family , I only have 1 Nexus One the other's are a blackberry and 2 flip phones. I upgraded my plane now all 4 phones including the Nexus one are in the family share plan with 1500 minutes, , so why you guys say you can't do this has me confused?

Your scenario is completely different. We are talking about those of us who have been T-Mobile customers who are on a current Family Plan. That is where the issue is… not someone who just signed up for the first time on an individual plan and then switched over to a Family Plan.

I have been a T-Mobile customer for years and was one of those offered a special Family Unlimited Plan about 6 months ago. The rates are far less then their regular plans and even less then their new current plans. But that said, Google should not have the ability to turn someone down on the T-Mobile system just because they are on a specific plan. It should be based on one’s eligibility to upgrade… no matter what the plan. As a business consultant (for some 20 + years) I find this to be one of the most illogical business decisions I have ever seen. You are literally cutting off thousands of potential sales… and for what… nothing! Who ever is at the helm of Google needs his or her head examined. This is completely stupid… no other word for it.

Also, I am not saying the Nexus One is not a good phone. It, like S/E phones are overpriced. Well, maybe all of them are in reality. But refusing deserving individuals an upgrade, then trying to slam them for the straight retail price of the phone is total nonsense.

"At the event, Pichette called the Nexus One "a benchmark-setter" and said "It's raising everybody's game." Such cheerleading is expected from a CFO, but he reportedly also said that the mood at Google has been "electric" and "we're absolutely delighted with the results" of the Nexus One launch."

It's Google. Even a flop makes someone a million dollars, I'd be in an electric mood too :)

It really does raise the game in some impressive ways. The first is the browser. It is fast. No waiting for checkerboard patterns when scrolling. It loads pages before my 3GS and certainly my Touch Pro2. I get all of my email accounts pushed and notifications are handled properly. Everything just works and I am not stuck looking at page after page of icons...

Boy you can say that again about the browser. I even tweeted a similar remark this morning after using the Nexus One Browser to read a forum for the first time (

Amazing how much better the N1 reformats the page when you double tap it. Perfect. The iPhone's browser became unusable by comparison in my mind right then and there.

It's a pretty good phone.

The software crashes a lot more than my old iPhone running 3.1.2 but also seems to be more capable.

I've got about a week left in my 30-day return period. I must admit I still haven't made up my mind to keep it.

My biggest concern at this point is the "dust under screen" issue which has already hit mine. I wouldn't expect this from a $500+ phone (and certainly never had this problem with my iPhone) I feel like I am going to at least have to RMA it at some point if I do decide to keep it.

I'm probably happiest to be off of AT&T though...