Kindle on the Galaxy Tab

We've read enough books on the Samsung Galaxy Tab to say that e-reading's a breeze on Android tablets. But that hasn't stopped Amazon from wanting to improve its Kindle app, and today it announced it's working on a new version for Android tablets. Amazon didn't offer up much beyond that, though it's probably safe to say we'll see something along the lines of the iPad version. And that ain't too shabby. [Press release]


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Amazon working on new version of Kindle app for Android tablets


I just can't wait for the 10" tablets to start coming out and working great.. the iPad keeps calling my name and trying to lure me in to the fruity store when I'm in the local mall, but I'm strong willed... I hope and won't cave!

Maybe not the best place to post this, but will all the apps we have on our phones (DL'ed thru, and some paid, thru the market), automatically come into the tablets?

Love that TiPB review at about 2:50 into it, where he says, "It's not a great reading experience because the screen is simply too big for me to want to read text this far across."

Should have gotten a 7 inch tablet.

Maybe he should excersize with all the exertion of reading a book from.... AAAAAAALL the way from left side to way over there on the right side. That must really tire him out. :)