Amazon MP3

Amazon's just updated its Amazon MP3 app for Android to version 2.4. And with it comes a layout optimized for tablets, a new color scheme, personalized recommendations from the Amazon MP3 store (if you're in the U.S.), more prominent s huff and play-all buttons, and a lock-screen player if you're on an Android 4.0 device. Not a bad bunch of improvements.

We've got download links after the break, if you need 'em.

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DenverRalphy says:

Funny, with the "Personalized Recommendations" Amazon seems to think I'm a big fan of Whitney and Adele. Of the several songs and albums I have with Amazon, not one of them are remotely similar to either of those two. Not even in the same genre.

Personalized my ass.

grlla says:

On BigRed - this POS is bloatware.

When will these companies allow the PURCHASERS install / uninstall the CRAP we don't want?

Ya root - understood.

XDCX says:

I totally agree.

Overall, I like Amazon but the fact I cannot remove their pre-installed app from my Droid X is a big turn-off. (I do have the Amazon app hidden with LauncherPro but I still hate the fact it's on my phone and I had to waste time today updating an app I'll never use.)

I don't know how much Verizon gets for forcing crapware on their customers but I doubt it's worth it when you factor in all of the ill-will it generates with their customers.

bsharitt says:

Now we just need Amazon Video for devices other than the Fire.

UnheardWar says:

While the player doesn't have the options something like PowerAMP has, I love Amazon MP3, and this update finally made the app at least look modern. I suppose it's only useful if you use their cloud storage.

Jayshmay says:

I like AmazonMp3 just fine.

andreo says:

Strange. I was just listening to music with the Amazon app yesterday and thought: So far this is the only audio player that I have that doesn't put controls on the lock screen. They need to update this.
And poof! It's updated!

Hmm, I was just thinking today how nice it would be if I was a millionaire...