Nexus 4 dock

We're all waiting for someone to sell that fancy orb docking station for the Nexus 4. In the meantime, ingenuity never rests and this 3D printed dock would make an awesome substitute. It uses a standard USB cable for charging, and an NFC sticker to trigger the NFC Task Launcher app to drop it into dock mode.

If you have access to a 3D printer, be sure to give this one a good look. And if you make any extra ones, give me a yell so I can throw my money at you.

Source: Thingiverse; via Android Central forums

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zorak950 says:

I love living in the future. Eat it, twentieth century.

kenyee says:

Biggest problem w/ 3D printing is the cost...materials are *not* cheap :-P

Cool hack though :-)

msgnyc says:

Materials aren't all that expensive either.
It's the initial starting costs that gets you.

DWR_31 says:

And this is how you get started mass producing items that are in demand.

sentinelred says:

I just wanna know how much it costs to purchase a 3-D printer and a decent sized batch of supplies

zorak950 says:

From my cursory search, for a printer you're looking at a few thousand dollars minimum, then about $80 per kilogram of plastic material.

Makibox. You can get the printer from 200USD to 350USD, and get a filament maker (150USD) that uses the cheaper pellets of most thermoplastics.

sentinelred says:

Only because nobody has said it yet, "shut up and take my money!"

Clak says:

Make one for my long suffering Gnex and I'll send you money, capiche?

curley says:

I think this guy who made this needs to pay the money for the patent and start making these things.

escatch says:

you can get started with a pretty good 3d printer for $500, and a 2lb spool of filament costs $43. this technology does not cost thousands of dollars as mentioned by a previous commenter. you can make these docks all day for a little more than $500.

Great job to the person who made this.

tigeryee says:

I bought a wireless charger from fasttech for 35$ but I would happily trade that unbranded Chinese clone for the 1 pictured

tigeryee says:

whoops dupe post sorry

Rizz1-2 says:

I have a 3d printer, does anyone have the STL or native cad files for this thing? I would like to print one. Then I am going to modify one one to fit my DNA. So yeah someone point me to the CAD files please.

ioo says:

dmedesha says:

jjanuze says:

I tried to upload this design with a few online 3d printing sites, but they're showing min cost of $100+...anyone find something cheaper?

Hi Jerry,

We have a 3D printer at work, if it prints these OK do you want one with phone plus bumper or just phone on its own?

Fairclough says:

Seeing if my uni has this or neighbouring uni's.... time to visit the engineering departments.