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Over the weekend, Indian government officials announced an incredibly affordable Android tablet to be used in education across the country. It's not much to look at: 1 GHz processor, 7-inch display, Wi-Fi, running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but it will cost students a scant 1132 rupees, or around $20. Of course, that price has been subsidized by the government; it cost the manufacturer, Datawind, $40 to make each one. Among other things, the Aakash 2 aims to facilitate remote education, so teachers and students can interact regardless of distance. 

Android has enabled the creation of extremely affordable tablets, and within the context of education, that can produce some very positive results. India has been trying to do something like this for a long time, but it often ends up getting bogged down in bureaucracy and ultimately killed off before it has a chance to reach schools. Here's hoping the Aakash 2 fares better. 

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20-dollar Aakash 2 Android tablet announced for Indian schools


That is a great idea! Affordability in India is a big issue and while most people can barely afford to pay for primary education (yeah I in US, public schools are free), a branded Android/iOS tablet would not have worked. A $20 tablet would certainly sell and schools can easily bundle it with the yearly fees.

There is far more subsidy than the 20 dollars out of 40 claimed as the manufacturing cost. Someone is cooking the books. The screen alone would cost 50 bucks, the processor at least 20, and the mother board around 6 to 8 plus components. Even is assembled with slave labor, you have to feed the slaves.

It's a nice fiction, as was One Laptop Per Child. But without massive subsidy, far more than 50 percent, this thing couldn't exist. I suspect the cost to the student will be on the order of 2 to 5 percent of production cost.

Which is fine, better than buying text books
but in the end I suspect it will prove a huge failure.

Any better ideas? nope?
You are comparing to high end parts, this is a low end, you can buy an android phone in US for less than $50 at walmart.
I'm glad this is happening. Everyone deserves good education. I hope they can provide some free internet as well, in places like library and schools.

micromax is already selling android tablets at 6000rs/110 dollar commercially.same aakash is sold by datawind at 40 dollar named as ubislate in open market.