We love our Nexus 7 tablets here at AC. We know that the 7-inch size means they are perfect for throwing in a gear bag, where they get all sorts of abuse (see Phil's poor Thunderbolt), so they need a good case to keep them from turning into a busted mess. The 10Terra Eco Friendly bamboo case fits the bill perfectly.

It's 100-percent natural bamboo, 100-percent made by hand. Bamboo is tough as nails, and looks beautiful. That translates perfectly into a case for your Nexus 7. Everything fits as intended, with generous and precise cut-outs for the speakers, controls, and ports. I mention it in the video (you'll find that after the break) but there is zero wiggle or play. Every cut is exactly where it needs to be.

Because bamboo is tough, it's also going to protect your tablet from getting dinged, and especially protect the fake leather-like soft back -- the same material that I have already gouged to hell and back on mine. The corners are reinforced, and everything but the screen is well protected.

To top it all off, the 10Terra case is a thing of beauty. Your Nexus 7 has that same classy look that bamboo gives to hardwood flooring, and it's going to stay looking good for a long time. I'm not a case guy, but I realize I need one on my Nexus 7, and this is the one I think I'll be buying for myself.

As of today, the 10Terra Eco Friendly case is a Kickstarter project. That means they need our help to get proper funding, which we can do by pre-ordering (or just tossing them a bone if you're low on funds at the moment). A pledge of $44 gets you a case for a Nexus 7 with free shipping in the US. See the link below for information about pledging and Kickstarter in general. Be sure to read through to see an image gallery and a hands-on with this one.

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Reader comments

10Terra Eco Friendly bamboo case for the Nexus 7


This is beautiful. That being said, its built in the same way as the Best Buy "Platinum" cases are (Seido) and I've had bad experiences with their plastics cases due to design. First off, they scratched the HELL out of my EVO's edges removing the case a couple of times to clean it. This sucked pretty bad on such a nice device. Third, they don't provide NEAR the impact cushion that a TPU case would.

Looks nice but the seam in the back kind of ruins it. I'd rather have it not wrap as much around the front of the tablet and be able to snap the tablet in place.

That'd likely be pretty rough on either the edges of the tablet or the edges of the case. I think the seam is fine but it does seem a little loose.

Looks lovely but that price tag.. damn. And $20 extra shipping outside the US to boot. I guess my search for a Nexus 7 case continues.

Looks really nice... BUT GUYS... I'm looking for a CASE that has 2 PARTS JUST LIKE THIS ONE. Are there any more out there? Haven't been able to find any. I don't really care for the Foldable cases . . . and where the Hell are the Google Cases from that Leak a month or 2 ago?