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In the world of Android phones, two of the best ones that exist right now are the Galaxy Note 10+ and Pixel 4 XL.

Both of these devices bring a lot to the table, and no matter which one you buy, you end up with an Android experience like no other. As you might expect, this has caused for some debate in our forums.

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Taking a gander at one conversation, in particular, here's what our members have to say about which of the two phones they prefer.


I do have them both The pixel 4 xl or pixel in general are different experience , it's pretty close to no bloat ,stock Android experience , I think the pixel 4xl is the best pixel to date . If you like features which Note 10+ then that's the way to go and the SPen a very handy tool. I believe the Note 10+ is the best all around phone but I do love pixel phones and can't break from that .


It depends on what is important to you. Samsung adds a lot of features to their phones that some consider bloat, and others consider invaluable tools. Personally I wouldn't buy a Pixel. I just don't care for them b/c I don't like Google apps so I'd have to replace them all. Others love Google apps. If I were you I'd sit down and really think about what features you use on your phone the most. If...


I have them both as well I agree I think the Samsung Note 10 plus is the best phone but at the same time I enjoyed the Pixel and it's experience and I think it has different things that are attractive to me I always use all the Google apps on any phone so it's a lot easier for me but I also enjoy all the extras that Samsung has to offer


Have both. Like others stated they are two different experiences. But are great and depends what you're looking for in a device. If you're looking for the best features the go with the Note10. If you just want a great phone that does all the basics right then go with the Pixel 4.


What do you think? Is the Galaxy Note 10+ or Pixel 4 XL the better phone?

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