Nexus Player

Android Central readers love their Chromecast

Earlier in the week we asked everyone about their plans to upgrade to a Nexus Player from the Chromecast. Now it's time to look at the results.

This was actually closer than I thought it would be, with only 39.2-percent of responders saying they have no plans to replace their Chromecast with the new Nexus Player. I assumed that number would be a lot higher, because I know a whole lot of folks who love Google's little $35 streaming stick. A look at the final tally follows.

Poll results 10-14-2014

Some interesting numbers here. Lets start with folks who don't already have a Chromecast to update but still deserve a voice in the poll. That number is a surprisingly low 18.88-percent. I know AC readers don't mirror the general public when it comes to tech and tech purchases, but I honestly expected this number to be closer to half. Apparently, plenty of us love the Chromecast.

The next set of numbers bodes well for Google's Nexus Player sales. A solid 41.92-percent of responders say they are either replacing their Chromecast (12.95-percent) or using it in tandem with a Nexus Player (28.97-percent). That's pretty close to the folks who are happy with the Chromecast (39.2-percent) and have no plans to buy a Nexus Player.

We can pull a couple things from this poll:

  • We need to keep writing about Chromecast as well as the Nexus Player.
  • Readers at AC enjoy putting content from their phone (or tablet) onto a bigger screen. It's not just for nerds anymore.

I've got a Nexus Player coming, and have no plans to retire any of the Chromecasts I have hooked up here at Chez Jerry. I'm right there with ya.