My favorite last-gen Pixel Watch is half off and I can't stop recommending it

Google Pixel Watch worn on a wrist.
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While the world can't stop talking about the freshly minted Google Pixel Watch 2, I still can't get over my own last-gen Pixel Watch. After all, they look identical, and it's so hard to tell the first iteration apart from the second one.

My Pixel Watch is very special to me because it's the first smartwatch I ever wore daily. Well, that's not true. It's the first smartwatch that I willingly chose to wear daily. See, I have abnormally small wrists and am a female, which is a double minority when it comes to appropriately sized, full-featured wearables. When Google launched a round watch with Wear OS 3 and a small display, I was overjoyed. Finally, I thought, a smartwatch I can use without feeling like a Lilliputian.

The Pixel Watch was the first petite Wear OS smartwatch to come with so many features and in such a lovely, lovely design. And I'm not alone here; even my colleague Nick Sutrich agrees with me on how gorgeous the watch looks. I am particularly fond of the Champagne Gold variant paired with the Active Band in Hazel.

The one caveat about the Pixel Watch was its stupidly high asking price, and happily, today's Prime Big Deal Days offer takes care of that. You can get the Wi-Fi variant for just $209.99 right now — a fact that's making me extremely bitter as I glare at the Pixel Watch on my wrist that I paid the full retail price for. Meanwhile, the LTE model costs a bit more but is still filthy cheap at $259.99. However, weirdly, the Matte Black colorway with the Obsidian Active Band of the LTE Pixel Watch costs only $209.99. What a steal!!

Snag the original Pixel Watch for almost 50% off

Google Pixel Watch LTE - Matte Black case with Obsidian Active Band

Google Pixel Watch LTE - Matte Black case with Obsidian Active Band

Who cares if you cannot afford the latest Google wearable. The first-gen Pixel Watch is still one of my favorites, and you can grab the LTE model for almost half the retail price. This October Prime Day deal is a downright bargain!

Buy from: Amazon at $399.99 $209.99

Google Pixel Watch Wi-Fi - Champagne Gold case with Hazel Active Band

Google Pixel Watch Wi-Fi - Champagne Gold case with Hazel Active Band

If you don't want the Matte Black Pixel Watch LTE, there's always the Wi-Fi model in the stunning Champagne Gold finish with the classy Hazel Active Band.

Buy from: Amazon at $349.99 $209.99

While it doesn't have as many fitness-focused features as the newer Pixel Watch 2, the original variant is still good enough for someone like me. I don't work out much, but I still like to track basic metrics such as my footsteps and heart rate. The watch also has useful apps, NFC for Google Pay, and a mic and speaker onboard for Google Assistant.

You can interact with your notifications, download and use loads of third-party apps, and listen to music through Spotify, YouTube Music, or your preferred choice of music streaming app. It has everything a basic gal like me could ever want or need from a smartwatch. The Pixel Watch is just smart enough, and the stunning looks make it hard to dislike, making it hard for me to stop recommending it even now.

If you'd still rather have the newer Google wearable, you'll be overjoyed to know that you can get it for free, yes FREE, with an incredible Amazon Prime deal right now. Want to know how? Check out the Google Pixel 8 Pro offer on our best phone deals roundup to find out!

While this deal may not last forever, it's worth noting that Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days sale has kicked off! Check out all the best smartwatch deals available now to see how you can save on a sweet new device.

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