As of March 22, it's officially been two weeks since the Galaxy S10 was released. If you were among the first to buy the phone, this means you're probably starting to ease your way out of the initial honeymoon phase and get a bit more settled in with the phone.

A lot of our AC forum members have been rocking the S10 since day one, and taking a look at some of their recent comments, they seem to be quite pleased with it two weeks later.


Always like to do this after a week or 2 with a new device, have been using the 10+ now for nearly 2 weeks. Not a review but more my pros and cons so far. + Love the in-hand feel of the ceramic. Went for ceramic as I do not use a case not necessarily for resistance to drops but more so scratches + Prefer the cut out to a notch. Although other than the Pixel’s bucket notch I really do...


Agree on most except: + Battery - My battery is definitely better than Note 9 (QC) + FPS - Now that I have the hang of it, hardly ever have fails. +/- Power button - At first felt awkward finding from note 9 placement, but now no biggie. +/- Bluetooth. For most part no issues but signal seems weaker than on note 9 and will cut out if I turn my head a certain Curved screens...


I agree on most every aspect of your observations. The FPS works great for me without a problem and the battery seems fine. I wish we would just KILL the curved screens. We are moving away generation by generation so I would rather get on with it. The camera can't be described as a win, but it's probably the most well rounded phone on Android other than that. Let's put it this way... I have...


I switched to the S10 after using a LG G6 for 2 years (which I really loved) and I'm now fully immersed in the S10 world. Great screen and the phone feels good in the hand. I like the improved battery life over my G6, but it took me a while to forget the old muscle memory of trying to press the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone! The in-screen FPS is probably the quirkiest thing I...


What do you think? How are you liking the Galaxy S10 two weeks later?

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