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Treat your living room to a Sonos Beam for just $299 right now

Sonos Beam lifestyle image
Sonos Beam lifestyle image (Image credit: Sonos)

The time to upgrade your home audio system is now. Amazon has the Sonos Beam down to just $299 (opens in new tab), which is $100 less than it normally sells for. Currently, only the black version is available at this price, as the white one is currently going for $20 more. This Smart TV sound bar can be used to enhance the audio of your TV and movies, as well as play music from your favorite artists.

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Normally it sells for $399 and does not drop from that price often. Right now, only the black model is available at $299, and the white one is $20 more.

It has Amazon's Alexa built right in for easy voice control, and supports Apple's AirPlay 2. Setting it up takes only a few minutes, and it has an automatic remote detection feature so it can be controlled using the volume buttons on an existing remote in your home.

We've never seen it drop this low, so be sure to grab one of these today!

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