Tabeo e2Tabeo e2

Pre-loaded with educational apps and resistant bumps and drops

Toys R Us announced today that it will be selling a follow-up in its kid-focused lineup of tablets, the Tabeo e2, with improved specs and features. The 8-inch tablet has a capacitive multi-touch display with 1024x768 resolution, dual-core 1GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage (expandable by SDcard).

But the internal specs aren't the important part of a device like this, it's the software. Based on an underlying platform of Android 4.2, the Tabeo e2 has a children's app store with thousands of free apps, and has dozens of pre-installed educational apps primarily for 6 to 11 year-olds. Naturally, there are also plenty of parental controls to keep things locked down.

The outside of the device is very kid-friendly as well, with an impact-resistant screen and tough plastic outer shell. That shell comes in blue, pink or clear color options and has a variety of color-matched accessories for kids wanting a complete look. The Tabeo e2 goes on sale in Toys R Us stores for just $149 starting in October, which seems like a good price for something that is more child-friendly than your average tablet and has decent specs to boot.

Source: Toys R Us