Slide a refurbished unlocked Pixel into your pocket for as little as $355

If you've been looking for a great deal on the smaller Google Pixel, you won't want to miss out on this one. Right now you can pick up an unlocked refurbished 32GB Google Pixel for $355 (opens in new tab) with coupon code THRFTPXL at Daily Steals. This is a savings of $24.99 from the regular price that Daily Steals has it listed at, and beats the price Woot recently had for a refurbished unit by $45.

Since not everyone can live with just 32GB of storage, you can also opt for the 128GB model for $385 when using the same coupon code.

The 32GB is only available in black, but the 128GB is available in both silver and black. They are all refurbished units, which means that they may show some signs of wear, but should work without issue. Daily Steals is backing them with a 90-day warranty, and you still have the 30-day return period if you are unhappy with your purchase.

If the Pixel XL is what you are after, you can pick up an unlocked refurbished 32GB unit for $415 (opens in new tab) with the coupon code THRFTPIXEL. Want brand new? Here are the best Google Pixel deals you can find on new stock.

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Jared DiPane
Jared started off writing about mobile phones back when BlackBerry ruled the market, and Windows Mobile was kinda cool. Now, with a family, mortgage and other responsibilities he has no choice but to look for the best deals, and he's here to share them with you.
  • Tempting...
  • And the article failed to mention it's Verizon's version
  • It's an unlocked version, still works on GSM and CDMA carriers.
  • Yeah, so your comment is the only fail here.
  • Indeed
  • It's GSM unlocked yes but being a Verizon model the bootloader can't be unlocked without extra tinkering when compared to straight Google version right?
  • All Pixels work on all carriers. Just like iphone's now.
  • Anyone bought one of these 3rd party refurbs? What is the condition really like? How much battery life is left?
  • It is always hard to tell exactly what you'll get, but these are done by a large (one of the largest in the industry) refurber, and you still have 90 day warranty from Daily Steals if you notice that things aren't going well.
  • My wife just bought a Pixel XL from Daily Steals, and it came with a huge gash in the screen you can fit your fingernail in, along with other, more moderate signs of wear. It is going back.
  • how can anyone risk buying a refurb when you have no idea how good the battery is? Diff story if phone has removable battery but, otherwise, no thx.
  • Many times the battery has been replaced. Do you know what refurbished means? There's different grades.. They don't specify which grade this is
  • I agree, Google has been terrible with refurbs for their Nexus 6P. They ship them out with all kinds of problems and batteries that are totally worn out. I'm no Apple fanboy but I will give credit to Apple's refurbs, you know you get a new battery and no screen gashes.
  • How about no thanks.
  • It's not a bad deal, especially for the 128gig one. Pixel is still a very solid phone
  • I understand the lure of a refurbished and unlocked device from a reputable source for a considerable discount off the regular retail price. But for $355.00 you could get a brand new device on the low end of the flagship tier if you hunted around and/or found a good deal or sale which would be more than capable for the average user. OR you could get your hands on a device from the high end of the mid-range tier. I know how one sees a device is entirely subjective, but damn if I swear the Moto G5 Plus that I rock is a GREAT mid-range phone and with the right launcher (I use Nova Prime) can be made to copy the Pixel in nearly every detail... My G5 Plus nicely tricked out only ran me $250.00, so I would've come out $105.00 ahead! Sorry refurbished/unlocked Pixel... And don't forget also the One Plus Three or any of a number of select mid-range devices at the top of the tier.
  • Does your G5 plus shoot the best photos in the game? Come with unlimited cloud back-up? Immediate security updates? Second most powerful processor? See, there are differences...
  • Yes I understand the differences Austin, but do you understand that for a large segment of folks the differences just don't amounts to anything? So long as the camera does what a camera does well, they have access to Google Photos for their unlimited cloud backup, and a processor that's capable of doing with their device what they want then the differences don't necessarily amount to much. On the Moto G5, the camera is the same set up as the Samsung Galaxy S7, I always have access to Google Photos for unlimited cloud backup and the processor is one of the best out there. Spec for spec I may or may not win against my brother's high end iPhone, but I'm more then happy with the capability and the amount of money that I saved. It's entirely subjective...
  • Actually the HTC U11 is better. Unlimited cloud back up? How much space does one need with unlimited photo back up for all? S8 has the most powerful processor for almost the same price not to mention waterproof.
  • Like an S8
  • It was $270 via eBay after the 20% off code but has expired now.
  • Checked out, yes, cleaned up as much as possible yes, used yes, refurb no.