One of the biggest perks of having a PlayStation Plus membership is the free games you get every month. They are always hand-picked by a team of experts that know what you'll want to play. The games PlayStation is offering this month include an amazing sci-Fi racer and a gritty war game. Check out the list below, start downloading these games, and enjoy them from Aug. 6 until Sept. 2, 2019.

★ Featured favorite: WipEout: Omega Collection

WipEout is a fast-paced, thrill-ride of a racing game. Set in a futuristic land and featuring gravity-defying tracks, WipEout is one of my favorite games of all time. I'm thrilled to see it as a free game on PlayStation Plus. Usually, WipEout is $20 and features all the content from WipEout HD, WipEout HD Fury, and WipEout 2048. It's also enhanced for the PlayStation 4 Pro to include 4K visuals.

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★ Sniping favorite: Sniper Elite 4

Set in the Italian countryside, Sniper Elite 4 takes you inside the Italian resistance in World War II and features some fantastic combat that focuses on your skills as a marksman. No complaining about camping in this game since it's all a part of the experience! The storyline of Sniper Elite 4 is pretty good, though most of the best stuff about the game is the epic sniping mechanics. It's a lot of fun.

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The best exclusives for PlayStation Plus this month

Exclusives are free bonus content available on the PlayStation Store for PlayStation Plus subscribers. It's usually a character or weapon skin, but sometimes you might catch a deal for exclusive content like bonus weapons, in-game currency, or perks! Every month we'll update this section with the best PlayStation Plus exclusives so you never miss any of the good stuff.

Bonus content: H1Z1 Cobalt pack

This pack includes a Cobalt blue paint job for the Torque and Heavy Assault in H1Z1: Battle Royale exclusively for PlayStation Plus.

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Character & Weapon skins!: Apex Legends™: PlayStation®Plus Play Pack

This pack includes two character skins (Wraith & Caustic), two weapon skins (Hemlok & Peacekeeper), and two banners (Wraith & Caustic). Exclusive and free for PlayStation Plus users!

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The best deals for PlayStation Plus this month

Outside of free games and exclusive content, PlayStation Plus accounts also come with discounts on select games. Each month, we'll let you know what the best deals for PlayStation Plus accounts are by comparing prices, deals, and content.

67% off: Far Cry: New Dawn

With a whopping 67% off of this collection edition for Far Cry: New Dawn, you are getting a definining experience for a hugely discounted price. It is well worth your time to pick up.

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67% off: Diablo 3: Eternal Collection

Diablo 3 is one of the best dungeon-crawls you can buy right now. The game is graphically gorgeous, and the gameplay is addictive as all heck. With loot galore and monsters by the dozen, it's an action-packed game that deserves all the awards. This Eternal Collection features Diablo III, the Reaper of Souls expansion set, and the Rise of the Necromancer pack as well, and now you can get it all for just $20.

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Which is your favorite game you've gotten for free with PlayStation Plus?

The mix of games this month is pretty good. Having a non-violent game like WipEout: Omega collection mixed with a World War II shooter like Sniper Elite 4 means there is something for everyone.

I love my PlayStation Plus account because it gives me a reason to play the games I wouldn't play without the incentive this membership provides. There have been many months where I was able to play a game full of nostalgia that I would have never thought to download otherwise. Let us know which game you've loved and which one you're excited about this month! Shoot us a Tweet over at @AndroidCentral and tell us all about it!

Why stop at Plus?

There's plenty of gear to enhance your gaming experience that you should look into! Whether you want more memory for all those astounding games or a way to be more portable, we have your back!

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Avolusion 1TB USB 3.0 Portable External PS4 Hard Drive ($48 at Amazon)

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