One of the biggest perks of having a PlayStation Plus membership is the free games you get every month. The games PlayStation is offering this month include two franchise games and a PSVR exclusive. Check out the list below, start downloading these games on Feb. 4 and enjoy them until March 3, 2020.

★ Featured favorite: BioShock: The Collection

Relive the epic story of Rapture and Columbia or visit them or the first time this February. BioShock: The Collection contains all single-player content from the franchise: BioShock, BioShock 2, BioShock Infinite, and the add-on content. It's everything you need to battle some Big Daddies.

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★ EA Powerhouse: Sims 4

The Sims is a title that everybody has heard of, regardless if they play games regularly. SimCity inspired this spin-off game back in 2000 and over the past 20 years, it has evolved into quite the money sink. Dozens of Game Packs, Expansion Packs, and Stuff Packs build up a decorative content library for The Sims 4. No matter your feelings EA's sales department, this is a great game for the builder or life simulation fan.

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Bonus VR: Firewall Zero Hour

Grab your PSVR and choose from 12 playable characters from around the globe, each with their own individual starting perk. This FPS title is available exclusively on PSVR.

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The best exclusives for PlayStation Plus this month

Exclusives are free bonus content available on the PlayStation Store for PlayStation Plus subscribers. It's usually a character or weapon skin, but sometimes you might catch a deal for exclusive content like bonus weapons, in-game currency, or perks! Every month we'll update this section with the best PlayStation Plus exclusives so you never miss any of the good stuff.

Shipshape: Dreadnought Maverick Bundle

The Dreadnought Maverick bundle grants you two blazing symbols that captains use to create luck and defy misfortune. Grab this pack with the menacing Dead Man's Hand emblem and its matching fiery decal.

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Smite Character: KuKu4

This pack gives you access to Kukulkan, Mayan Serpent of the Nine Winds, for Battleground of the Gods. Wield the mighty storms of Kukulkan, wearing his KuKu4 skin.

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The best deals for PlayStation Plus this month

Outside of free games and exclusive content, PlayStation Plus accounts also come with discounts on select games. Each month, we'll let you know what the best deals for PlayStation Plus accounts are by comparing prices, deals, and content.

35% off: S.O.N

PlayStation Plus is giving us 35% off S.O.N, only available from Jan. 15, 2020 to Feb. 18, 2020. Wander into the 300,000-acre, southern Pennsylvania forest as Robert. Search for his abducted son and withstand the encompassing wilderness.

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20% off: Arise: A simple story

You don't always need PS Plus for a good deal. Arise: A simple story is a beautiful depiction of emotions through time. Pick it up for 20% off while the deal lasts.

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Which is your favorite game you've gotten for free with PlayStation Plus?

The mix of games this month is pretty good. It's the perfect time to pick up BioShock if you didn't get the chance to before. And if you've got PSVR, grab a copy of Firewall Zero Hour. It will surely hit a craving for VR shooter games.

I love my PlayStation Plus account because it gives me a reason to play the games I wouldn't play without the incentive this membership provides. There have been many months where I was able to play a game full of nostalgia that I would have never thought to download otherwise. Let us know which game you've loved and which one you're excited about this month! Shoot us a Tweet over at @AndroidCentral and tell us all about it!

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