What color Google Pixel Tablet should you buy?

The Google Pixel Tablet was overshadowed by the more exciting Pixel Fold and Pixel 7a at launch, but that should not take away from its excellence. This affordable and versatile Android tablet doubles as a smart home hub when paired with the charging dock. If you're considering purchasing a unit, familiarize yourself with the available colors first. You don't want to buy the Pixel Tablet in a random shade and regret it later!

Meet and greet the Google Pixel Tablet's colors

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How to pick the right Pixel Tablet color for your home

The Google Pixel Tablet comes in one dark and two light shades, adding up to a grand total of three color options. You can purchase the Google tablet in Porcelain, Rose, or Hazel. Those aren't many options to choose from, but that's okay since it makes your job of picking one color easier.

Before settling on a color to buy, think about where you are going to place the Pixel Tablet in your home. If you intend to use it as a smart home hub, chances are it'll be in a common shared space such as the sitting room or perhaps the kitchen. Choose a Pixel Tablet variant that fits the color scheme of your home. If you've got a minimalist all-white theme going, you don't want to add a dark object in there.

After you've figured that out, choose whether you want a light shade or a dark one. Lighter colors get dirty faster, which is something to consider. Since the Google Pixel Tablet isn't waterproof, cleaning it will require precision and a careful hand. If you don't want to have to clean it that often, Hazel is probably the best color of the Pixel Tablet for you.

Now that you know exactly which color Google Pixel Tablet you're planning on buying, it's time to go shopping. Make sure you snag one of the best Pixel Tablet deals to stretch your hard-earned money and make it count.

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