Need a rugged tablet? Our two favorites hit new price lows for Prime Day if you act fast

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro sitting on a connected keyboard in a workplace
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Most tablets are designed for homebodies and can barely handle a fall onto a carpet, let alone a hard surface; they can't survive any water, either. You'll need a rugged tablet if you have to take your tablet to work or on the go in rough environments. 

Samsung is the one rugged tablet brand we trust, and our absolute favorite — the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro with built-in LTE — is $270 off for Prime Day, the lowest price we've seen on the 2022 tablet. It has military-grade protection against shock/falls, water, salt, dust, and heat; it can sit in water for a half-hour or be dropped on a hard surface from 4 feet and not take any damage; it has a removable battery; and it has surprisingly good performance on par with a lot of popular 2023 phones. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro for Prime Day:
6GB/128GB w/ LTE: $844 $574 at Amazon
4GB/64GB w/ Wi-Fi: $650 $455 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro for Prime Day:
6GB/128GB w/ LTE:
$844 $574 at Amazon
4GB/64GB w/ Wi-Fi:
$650 $455 at Amazon

Most rugged tablets use low-tier chips on par with a Fire tablet; the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro's Snapdragon 778G is found in popular mid-to-upper-tier phones like the Nothing Phone (1) and Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G, helping you avoid a laggy experience. Samsung's software prowess means that it'll be protected on the software end as well as hardware. And the S Pen is a nice addition for enterprise uses. 

I recently compared the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro against the Galaxy Tab S8 and was surprised at how well the rugged tablet competes against Samsung's dainty flagship tablet. And compared to most rugged tablets from less reputable brands that get no promised support, you'll eventually get Android 15 and years of security updates down the line. 

As for other rugged tools, the tablet's display recognizes touches when you're wearing gloves, it comes with a case in the box, and it has a No Battery Mode that bypasses the battery if it's plugged into a consistent power source (so capacity isn't drained). It also supports barcode scanning, radio signals, and mobile Point of Service (mPOS) terminal tech for businesses and workers. 

Of course, that price might still be a little high for what you want to spend. In that case, consider Samsung's Galaxy Tab Active3 instead: it's also 30% off today only, down to $343 or $414, depending on whether or not you need LTE support. 


Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 LTE: $590 $413.99 at Amazon (LTE) | $490 $343.99 at Amazon (Wi-Fi only)

A more compact tablet that can fall even further than the Active4 Pro without any damage, the Active3 is still one of the best rugged tablets around despite being an older model. It runs Android 13, has a higher pixel-per-inch ratio than its newer sibling, and has all the same ruggedness perks. It's just not quite as fast, performance-wise. 

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