Tech Armor HD Clear Screen Protectors

There are numerous screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S6 available across the web, offering different levels of protection and installation techniques. Tech Armor's HD Clear protectors, however, keep the beautiful resolution of your display while shielding from common enemies like keys, dirt, and other abrasive elements. Best of all, you get 3 protectors in each package, saving the extras for when it's time to replace one. Hit the break to check out what's included along with a quick and easy installation video.

What's included?

With every pack of Tech Armor's HD Clear Screen Protectors you get 3 HD shields, a soft micro-fiber cleaning cloth for managing fingerprints and smudges, an anti-scratch squeegee, dust removal tape, and of course installation instructions. Each of these HD protectors are made from the highest grade Japanese PET film available, providing unmatched touchscreen responsiveness when applied.

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Absolutely everything you need (and more) to apply and enjoy your Galaxy S6 without worrying about scuffing up that screen.

How do I apply mine?

Give your Galaxy S6's display a good wipe down first with the included micro-fiber cleaning cloth to remove any existing fingerprints, smudges or debris. You'll then want to peel back the green Start Tab about a couple inches. Place the adhesive side down on the display, lining up your edges as best you can, then slowly roll back the cover as it lays completely flat. Once applied, you can use the included squeegee card to smooth out any existing bubbles. Finally, remove the last layer by lifting up the Red Tab, revealing the HD Clear protector in all its transparent glory.

Why Tech Armor?

These guys have been around long enough to build up thousands of awesome reviews on their products across Amazon, and they're extremely committed to excellent customer service, which we're huge fans of. Unlike a lot of the competition, Tech Armor's products are reasonably priced — especially for the great quality they deliver. With every purchase comes a no-hassle lifetime warranty that includes any manufacturer defects. It's good stuff, is what we're saying.

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