Today we're checking out Spigen's Slim Armor case for the Galaxy S7 that promises dual-layered structure for extra protection, air cushion technology, and a kickstand feature that lets you prop up your phone conveniently for watching videos or gaming.

We'll be reviewing the phone's style, features, and overall design to see why (and if!) this case is worth picking up.


Spigen Slim Armor case for the Galaxy S7

Right out of the box, the Slim Armor case is stylish and sturdy. The sleek, silver back with contrasting black edges makes the case sharp to look at, but if you have a white version of the phone, you may not be too thrilled about the thick black border. When the case is on the phone, it's not uncomfortable or bulky, and makes holding the phone feel a lot more secure in your hand.

If you pinch the sides of the case without the phone in it, there's very little give. The box claims the case is drop tested military grade, which means Spigen's protective cases have been tested by a third-party lab to have been certified by Military-Grade protection (so is this case durable? The short answer is yes.)

You can pick up the case in Shimmery White, Gunmetal Grey, Champagne Gold, Violet, or Metal Slate (but keep in mind, these color options are only for the hard outer shell. The inner rubberized protector stays black except for their violet model color, which is a more pastel-purple.)


Spigen Slim Armor case for the Galaxy S7

A unique feature on this case is the kickstand on the back, which helps prop your S7 with ease. While the stand supports the phone, it's not the most sturdy piece — the thin little stand is made of plastic, not metal, and bends if any additional weight is exerted on it.


Spigen Slim Armor case for the Galaxy S7

Even though the slim armor case comes in two pieces (three if you count the stand), it's nearly impossible to take it off that way. Once the case is on your phone, don't bother trying to remove the hard plastic shell from the protective rubber bumper. Instead, peel off the entire case by gently lifting the edges away from the screen.

You can also choose not to have the kickstand installed if you find it annoying (but it snaps to the rubber part of the case securely, so you don't have to worry about it flapping around or potentially breaking off.)

The Bottom Line

Spigen Slim Armor case for the Galaxy S7

All-in-all, Spigen's Slim Armor case for the Galaxy S7 is a good quality, non-bulky piece of equipment that will have you feeling secure if you ever drop your phone. Even though taking the case on and off is a bit of a pain and the quality of the kickstand isn't as high as the rest of the product, this piece of equipment is still worth checking out.

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