Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal for the Galaxy S7

If you've ever seen a Galaxy S7 that's been dropped on its edge or corner, then you know why you should have a case on yours (hint: it ain't pretty).

We went hands-on with the Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal to to see whether this case is right for your S7, based on your needs. We'll break things down for you in terms of style, features, and design.


Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal for the Galaxy S7

Spigen's Neo Hybrid Crystal is elegant and simple in appearance — clear, with a colored outer rim. The rim comes in Champagne Gold, Gunmetal, and Satin Silver, so you can accessorize based on your S7's color. The choices aren't abundant, but at least you have some options (pro tip: Champagne Gold doesn't look good on anything but the gold S7).

The most disappointing aspect of this case is how it feels in your hand. The main body is made of soft TPU, but it has a glossy finish, so it will slip-slide around in your hands. It doesn't instill much confidence when you're holding it. The plastic outer rim adds nothing for grip. That being said, it's considerably less slippery than a bare S7.

Note: Clear TPU can and almost certainly will turn yellow over time due to sunlight absorption.


Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal for the Galaxy S7

In this case, it's a lack of features that we'll talk about. Though the Neo Hybrid Crystal is a two-piece, with soft TPU and a plastic outer rim, it features none of Spigen's patented Air Cushion Technology, leaving the corners of your S7 susceptible to drops and the inevitable spider web cracks that befall most dropped S7s (when they're not properly protected).

This case still supports wireless charging, so you won't have to constantly take it off at night to charge your phone. That's an added benefit from the softer TPU — It's relatively thin, adding negligible bulk to the S7 and since you won't have to take it off very much, you can avoid stretching that softer plastic rim.


Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal for the Galaxy S7

As mentioned, this is a two piece case: a soft TPU shell with a plastic outer rim. That outer rim does nothing. It feels cheap and flimsy when it's not on the case and adds no real feeling of stability when it is on; all of the substance of this case is in the TPU shell.

All of the buttons are covered by the TPU, which is then left open through the plastic rim, but if the plastic rim doesn't fit quite right, then pressure along the rim can inadvertently activate the volume and power buttons. It's annoying and altogether inconvenient, especially if you're trying to text with one hand.

The bottom line

Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal for the Galaxy S7

This case is decent, but it is pretty slippery with an outer rim that does absolutely nothing for the overall structure, nor any added protection. You're better off spending your money on a 100 percent TPU case or a polycarbonate/TPU hybrid.

If you're looking for some better clear cases, check out our roundup of the best clear cases for the Galaxy S7.

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