Nomad is having an outlet sale where the company discounts some of the more popular items. Seriously, this gear is like 50% off already. But then you can use our code, THRFTR10, and take another 10% off that price. That's some huge potential for savings. Just as an example, this ultra-rugged ballistic nylon braided Lightning Cable is down to $14.95 from a regular price of $25. With the code above, you'll get it for $13.46.

Shipping costs vary based on how much you order, but it looks like the minimum is $4.95 and the maximum is $6.95. Even if you order $300 worth of stuff, you'll still pay just $7.

Go nuts

Nomad outlet sale cables keys carabiners

Nomad's outlet includes a changing selection of items. Right now you can get ultra-rugged ballistic nylon cables for Lighting and USB-C ports, a carabiner with a built-in micro USB charging device, or a micro USB keychain. All already discounted.

10% off

With coupon: THRFTR10

The four items currently available include a 1.5 meter Lightning cable, a 1 meter USB-C cable, a Carabiner with hidden micro USB charger, and a micro USB keychain charger.

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As mentioned above, this Lightning cable is made with a braided ballistic nylon. That makes it super resistant to abrasion and tears. It has reinforced RF shielding and a double-thick protective PVC jacket for more durability and fast data sync. The wire gauge and robust polyamide core also contribute to the cable's durability so you can really put this thing through its paces. It's even flex tested to military specifications and MFi approved from Apple.

The USB-C cable is very similar in that it is designed to be durable and handle whatever it can throw at you. It has full 100W power transfer and uses 10 Gbps USB 3.1 Gen 2 tech. Plus it has all the other stuff, including a braided ballistic nylon, reinforced RF shielding, a thick PVC jacket, and more.

The other two objects on sale, the carabiner and keychain, include tiny micro USB ports you can use to charge your micro USB devices from anywhere. They are designed partially for the functionality of being able to go on your keychain or attach to your backpack, which makes them great if you're the sort of person who's always on the go and likely to lose long unattached cables.

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