Samsung has officially released the Secure Folder app for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge on the Galaxy Apps store. Secure Folder relies on Samsung's Knox security platform to set up a secure encrypted zone on your phone. Anything you store in the Secure Folder — apps, files, documents, or images — will be hidden behind an added layer of authentication, which can be accessed by a PIN, pattern lock, passcode, or biometric verification.

Apps that run in the Secure Folder are sandboxed, which provides an added layer of security while making it convenient to run two instances of an app on the same phone. You can customize the name of Secure Folder, or hide it altogether from the home screen for added privacy. Samsung also allows you to backup the contents of the Secure Folder and restore the data when switching to a new phone, with the data tied to your Samsung account.

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You'll need to be running Nougat on the S7 and S7 edge for Secure Folder to work, and Samsung mentions that it will add support for other devices soon. Phones in the Galaxy A 2017 series already offer the feature, and it should be rolling out to the Galaxy S6 once it picks up the Nougat update.

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