Along with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Sammy showed off for the first time its Media Hub service. The service will be available on all of its Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy S phones and Galaxy Tab. Onboard so far: MTV, NBC, Paramount, and WB. It's a good start, but what about the service itself. Is it enough to have big names onboard and does the user experience deliver? Read on after the break to see what we thought, and watch a hands-on video.

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Picking up the tablet and clicking on the application to start-up, I was immediately underwhelmed by the presentation. I'm a simple guy, but this was just too plain. Granted, it still has some time to come out. I'm hoping Samsung pushes the design a bit more. All the home page was a few movie tiles on top, and three selections to make below. My Media, TV Store, and Movie Store -- that's it! I'm assuming the tiles on top were featured movies. Again, I like simple in design, but it looked like it was designed the night before. Kind of like what you used to do in high school for a book report you had all summer to do. It was enough to pass you, but not enough to get you that A grade you wanted. Step it up Samsung.

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The TV show I loaded up was practically instant. By the time I rotated to landscape mode, the video was already starting up. The quality was great; the 7-inch LCD display gave off bright vivid colors. The contrast was quite impressive, and the refresh rate didn't leave any ghosting. No word as to what resolution the videos will be downloaded at. It was a bit smaller than the screen's native resolution though. I was able to expand the video to fit the screen nicely -- no complaints there. Also, navigating through the video and jumping from scene to scene was easy and seemless. Unfortunately, I couldn't hear audio because the room was soo load. The tablet boasts two stereo speakers at the bottom of the device.

And that's really it, folks. There wasn't much content up on the store to actually navigate or search for. A nice feature that I do want to mention is the ability to download those pieces of content you purchased onto four other Galaxy devices. You can have up to a total of five devices running your favorite SpongeBob episodes. If you happen to have any of the Galaxy S phones and are planning to get the Tab, that feature might make you happy camper.

Overall, I wasn't to impressed. I got the feeling this was something that was thrown together overnight, or at least put in as an after thought. If Sammy wants to compete with the big boys in the digital downloads space, it will need to bring bigger guns.