As we patiently wait for the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8, we've already started thinking ahead to all the awesome accessories that will help keep your new phone protected and looking stylish.

One key accessory that some folks absolutely swear by is a tempered glass screen protector. If you've spent any time in the Galaxy S7 forums this past year, you'll know that finding a quality screen protector for the curved screens of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge has proved exceedingly difficult. Many suffered from the dreaded "halo effect", which is especially prevalent with flat screen protectors on curved screens, while others had issues with adhesiveness or touch sensitivity. Eventually, we saw proper curved screen protectors emerge that offered true edge-to-edge protection, addressing the issues that plagued the early releases.

Now, any time we write about screen protectors, we always get a few contrarians in the comments who say screen protectors are a waste of money and they've never had so much as a scratch on their screens. And hey, that might actually be the case for some people. But why is a tempered glass screen protector so important? Because life happens — just ask Biggmac419 who shared the following story in the forums:


I'm a firm believe in tempered glass 2 years ago I was riding my motorcycle about to go for a jog and it flew out of my pocket and was ran over by what a bicyclist said 4 cars. He was a good guy and gave it back. This is how it was returned. The best 40$ I ever spent. And invisible shield replaced it for 6.95 shipping. AMAZING!!!


And the results:

It's worth noting that you can see this particular screen protector from ZAGG didn't need edge-to-edge protection to fully protect this Note 5 from sure destruction.

We won't be able to figure out for sure which screen protectors will work best until the Galaxy S8 has been officially launched and we've all had some time to test and try out different screen protectors, but here's hoping accessory manufacturers nail the design and functionality right out of the gate this time around.

If you're still not convinced on the value of a screen protector for your phone, we'd suggest picking up a case that offers a lip around the edge of your phone so that your screen is protected properly if you place it screen-down on a table.

These are the best Galaxy S8 cases available so far

Here are some curved glass screen protectors that seem promising, to say the least:

Incipio Curved Glass Screen Protector

Incipio's Plex Plus Shield Edge screen protectors for the Galaxy S8 aren't available yet, but they sure look promising. They claim to be custom-crafted tempered glass sheets that will fit your phone like a glove and allow for perfect touch sensitivity.

See at Incipio

Otterbox Alpha Glass Screen Protector

If you trust in Otterbox to keep your phones safe, you'll be happy to know it's offering a curved glass screen protector for the Galaxy S8. No word yet on whether its screen protector is also compatible with its cases, but it looks like a promising option if you're not scared off by the price. They're expected to start shipping out by April 28.

See at Otterbox

SuperShieldz 3D curved glass

Supershieldz are experts in protecting smartphone screens. If you're looking for tempered glass protection for your Galaxy S8 with curved edge-to-edge protection that won't break the bank, you can order yours in advance from Amazon.

See at Amazon

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