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What you need to know

  • An early leak has revealed the battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S20+ successor.
  • The 2021 flagship may pack a 4800mAh battery.
  • Samsung's Galaxy S30 series is expected to debut in February next year.

Samsung's Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus phones are big upgrades over their predecessors in terms of battery life, thanks to larger batteries. While the Galaxy S20 packs a 600mAh larger battery than the Galaxy S10, the S20 Plus has a 400mAh larger battery than the S10 Plus.

The folks at GalaxyClub have now spotted a new Samsung battery with the model number EB-BG996ABY. Since the Galaxy S20 Plus battery carries the model number EB-BG986ABY, it is possible that the new battery spotted by GalaxyClub will be used in the Galaxy S30 Plus.

The battery has a rated capacity of 4,660mAh, which is 290mAh more than the rated capacity of the battery inside the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. This means the Galaxy S30 Plus battery may have a typical capacity of around 4,800mAh. The higher battery capacity, combined with more efficient internals, should translate to improved battery life over the Galaxy S20 Plus. Samsung's Galaxy S30 series is also likely to utilize more efficient LTPO display panels, like the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

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Samsung's Galaxy S30 series is still a good five months away, so there isn't much that we know about the next-gen flagship phones at this point. However, a recent report had claimed that the Galaxy S30 series phones will not have a ToF sensor. Samsung is also tipped to use an improved 108MP primary camera on the Galaxy S30 Ultra, along with a laser autofocus module.

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