Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Charger 2024

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Bottom
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Bottom (Image credit: Android Central)

Without a charger in the box this year, we've made sure to scour the internet to find you the best Samsung Galaxy S21 chargers out there. This year's phones are capable of up to 25W of wired charging, and having the proper charging brick as well as the best USB-C cable guarantees you the best experience when getting your phone ready for the day.

Pure power for your Galaxy S21

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With the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, the manufacturer took the step of removing the charging brick from the box. So this leaves owners of the new devices left to fend themselves in finding the best chargers for their phones. Luckily, there are plenty to choose from.

Each year the Galaxy S devices are some of the most anticipated to be released, which means we try to find you the best Samsung Galaxy S21 accessories out there — including the best Samsung Galaxy S21 cases, the best Samsung Galaxy S21 screen protectors, and, of course, the best Samsung Galaxy S21 chargers. Your best bet to get the fastest charging speeds for your new phone is to go with the official Samsung Adaptive 25W Fast Charger. This ensures you are getting all 25W of power that the Galaxy S21 can handle and do so safely.

Another critical part of charging your phone up quickly and safely is to have the proper USB-C cable. You could have the perfect charger for your Samsung Galaxy S21, but it won't be able to give everything it can without the best USB-C cable to go with it. So be sure you get the best combo of both charger and cord to give your new phone the best you can.

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