Kindle offers the best e-readers in the market, with dependable features and a fantastic library of the latest and greatest titles. The 6.8-inch Kindle Paperwhite 11th Gen boasts the perfect screen size to read comfortably for hours on end. It's perfect for any scenario, be it day or night, because of the adjustable warm light inside it.

The Kindle Paperwhite is pretty robust, with a splash-resistant build to prevent damage from your oopsies. Clumsy folk such as myself really appreciate these thoughtful tweaks. There have been numerous occasions where I've inadvertently spilled soup or coffee on my beloved paperbacks, with much heartache in tow. You can even get water-safe covers to go with your water-resistant Kindle Paperwhite.

With an undying battery that lasts for weeks on end, you can easily pop the Paperwhite in a bag and take it wherever you go. It's about the size of your average Android tablet, so it's portable enough for your travels. The E Ink display is glare-free, which makes it incredibly easy on your eyes. That makes this an excellent companion device for kids as well. You can grab the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite for 25% off with this Black Friday deal.

Kindle Paperwhite New Reco

Kindle Paperwhite – Without Ads | 25% off

Make your way through your to-read pile with the Kindle Paperwhite 11th Generation. It's splashproof and comes with 8GB of storage space for your extensive e-library. Get access to all the latest literary works within the device through the Kindle Store. Get this ad-free version for 25% with this deal.

$125 at Amazon
Kindle Paperwhite New Reco

Kindle Paperwhite – Ad-Supported | 25% off

Reading is a delight on this 6.8-inch e-reader from Kindle. If you're too lazy for that, there's support for audiobooks too. Pick something you like from the Kindle store and enjoy! Although this variant has ads, it's discounted by 25% right now, so you can get the latest gen Paperwhite for less.

$105 at Amazon

There's plenty of room for all your books and more onboard, with 8GB to boot. That's a lot for ebooks as most are only a few KBs or MBs in size. You can also listen to audiobooks by connecting a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Amazon's Audible platform is a great place to find your favorite titles in audio format.

Amazon's Kindles are famously good at staying alive forever, so you get a lot of use out of them. Most of them last for years and years, continuing to serve you humbly through the ages. If you're running out of space for bookshelves, getting a Kindle Paperwhite is a no-brainer.

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