A projector can bring a ton of life to your outdoor space or even a large indoor space. Available while supplies last at Walmart, the RCA RPJ161 projector is just $49 with a 100-inch screen bundled in. This deal is open to Walmart+ customers for a limited time with other customers able to access the deal later on. At $12.95 per month, Walmart+ can be a great way to snag some bargains before they run out at Walmart. There's also a 15-day free trial.

The RCA RPJ161 is a 480p native projector that works with signals up to 1080p via one of the two HDMI ports. There's also a VGA connection on the other side and audio ports so that you can hook up an external speaker for more sound over the included speaker. The 100-inch screen helps you make the most of the projector with accurate colors in a dark environment. With a built-in USB port and support for the most common video and image formats, it's a cheap and easy solution for a presentation or slideshow at an event.

Get a projector with HDMI and a 100-inch screen for $49 at Walmart

RCA RPJ161 Projector Screen

RCA 480P LCD Projector RPJ161

This RCA projector bundle is an excellent deal with a screen big enough for the entire family to see comfortably and is a great way to watch classic holiday films. Take your holiday gatherings to the next level with entertainment for the whole family without moving the TV.

This projector can be a great solution for a night watching movies or playing games with your entire family or at an event like a child's birthday party. If you've snagged one of the best PS5 Black Friday deals already, a projector can help you show it off with plenty of screen real estate for everyone to see.

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