That $1 OnePlus Buds deal sold out instantly, but there are more chances

Oneplus Buds Review
Oneplus Buds Review (Image credit: Android Central)

Update, November 18: The $1 OnePlus Buds obviously sold out instantly, but the company has deals going throughout the day (opens in new tab), so check them out.

What you need to know

  • OnePlus Buds will be discounted to $1 for one day only.
  • The sale is part of the weekly OnePlus Day sales event.
  • The sale will last until the earbuds are out of stock.

Every Wednesday, OnePlus has what's called "OnePlus Day" where the company offers discounts on items in an attempt to clear as much of the stock as possible. This has included both smartphones and accessories, and with some compelling Black Friday deals already happening, people are looking for great and inexpensive gifts for loved ones. This week OnePlus is presenting one of its most irresistible sales yet by offering its OnePlus Buds for only $1! No, that's not a typo, they're really going to be discounted to just $1.

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The OnePlus Buds were the first "truly wireless" earbuds offered by OnePlus. First launched back in July for $80, the buds undercut many offerings by the likes of Samsung and Apple, the latter which the Buds no-doubt took inspiration from. The buds were launched alongside the OnePlus Nord, so pricing was a key focus for the company. That said, while the Buds aren't bad by any means, they're certainly not the best. As noted in Daniel Bader's review, "the OnePlus Buds sound good, work reliably, and look nice enough in a 'Hey, are those blue AirPods?' kind of way." They're not the best wireless earbuds you can buy, but they're decent.

But for $1, the OnePlus Buds are definitely a steal, even compared to their current 25% discount. The deal will be live Wednesday, November 18th on OnePlus' website (opens in new tab). No time was mentioned, so it's best to check in as early as possible, as the deal lasts only until stock runs out!

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  • What a mess. Page, is already down as soon as event started
  • All Claimed within 5 seconds.
  • What a crock!!! Was on page before started and all claimed in 2 seconds
  • Site crashed at the top of the hour
    Total mess
  • Typically OnePlus never state how many units are available for sale, could have been only 100 available... They love to brag their stuff sells out in minutes...
  • So we should start to see a lot of these hit ebay..
  • Contest violates FTC rules up and down. Deceptive. Not open to everyone. And no rules posted.
  • Good thing it's not a contest. This is classified as just a discount, not a contest, as nothing is technically left to chance and nothing is being given out for free, there is no contest aspect.
  • Ha, I actually was able to click on claim deal as was my wife. Unfortunately after logging in there was no voucher available on either of our accounts. It should have stated that an account was required beforehand or added it to the cart and allowed us to sign up after.