HTC Nexus 9

We knew the Nexus 9 would go up for pre-order starting tomorrow, but it seems Amazon has pushed the button early and opened up pre-orders today at $399. That'll get you the Wifi model with 16GB of storage in either black or white, and you bump up to 32GB of storage for a total of $479. That of course leaves the LTE model and "sand" color options yet to be released, at least on Amazon.

The Nexus 9s pre-ordered from Amazon will be shipped out on November 3rd, sadly, but knowing that you have your money down on one so you can get it as soon as possible can be a nice feeling to have. If you want to pull the trigger, hit the Amazon link below. You can always wait for the "official" pre-order day tomorrow when it's set to hit the Play Store as well.

If you happen to be outside the U.S., it looks like the French Amazon store has it listed at €399 for 16GB, €489 for 32GB and even the 32GB LTE model for €569. If you're in Germany, that Amazon store has the 16GB and 32GB Wifi models for the same prices.

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