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What you need to know

  • The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 was the first device to be updated to One UI 3.1, which will be available on the Galaxy S21 at launch.
  • The new update brings Android 11 features like Bubbles, as well as some features specific to the tablet experience on the Galaxy Tab S7.
  • Second screen allows your Galaxy Tab to become a Windows 10 device with a shared experience across two displays.

Samsung is still rolling out One UI 3.0 to its devices, albeit at a fairly quick rate considering the number of devices is has to update. Meanwhile, the company already took time at its Galaxy Unpacked event to announced the new One UI 3.1 experience, which will come pre-installed on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones. Last week, the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ became the first devices to be updated to the new software in some regions, and Samsung is detailing new features coming to the tablet experience on the Tab S7.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Oneui 31Source: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Oneui 31Source: Samsung

According to Samsung, the update includes new ways to seamlessly connect one of the best Android tablets with your Galaxy smartphone. Now, your clipboard is synced between your phone and tablet, making it easy to move from one device to another. Samsung Internet also lets you continue right where you left off, by tapping the recent view on the navigation bar and selecting the Internet icon. These features are similar to what Microsoft offers with Your Phone app on Windows 10, which Samsung smartphones integrate similarly with.

Speaking of Windows 10, your Galaxy Tab S7 can now become a Windows 10 tablet with a second screen Extend Mode and Duplicated Mode. The former lets you use your Galaxy Tab S7 as an extension to your Windows 10 computer, allowing you to control both devices at the same time and move windows between them. The Duplicated mode works similarly, but both devices display the same content, so the work that you do on the Windows 10 device can be saved on the tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Oneui 31Source: Samsung

Wireless Keyboard Sharing lets you use your Galaxy Tab S7 to type on your Galaxy smartphone. By clicking Cmd+Lang buttons on the Book Cover Keyboard, you can use your trackpad to navigate on your Galaxy smartphone and type in a message, so you don't even have to lift up your phone to respond to a text. Lastly, Samsung highlights the Auto Switch feature of the new Galaxy Buds Pro, which automatically switches audio sources based on the context. So an incoming call will switch you away from your tablet to your phone, and then back when the call ends.

All these features and more will be available with the new One UI 3.1 update coming to the Galaxy Tab S7 and soon to select Galaxy smartphones beyond the Galaxy S21.

The new standard

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