Kindle Fire

Data released today by comScore shows that the Amazon Kindle Fire has garnered over 50-percent of the Android tablet market in the U.S. With a 54.4-percent share as of February 2012, it sits alone at the head of the pack by a large margin, with the second place Samsung Galaxy Tab almost 40-percent behind at 15.4-percent of the growing Android tablet market. While it looks to be bad news for Android OEMs, it comes as no surprise to us. 

The Kindle Fire, like the leader of the overall tablet market the iPad, has one big thing going for it -- a unified "ecosystem" for content. We're mostly advanced users, who read blogs and forums to learn the different ways to use our devices and all the associated tricks that go along with, but for many they just want an easy way to purchase and consume content on their tablet. Amazon offers that in ways that Google does not, at least for folks in the U.S.

We're thinking Google aims to rectify that situation, at least in part, with the launch of the Google Play store, and a mystery tablet device of some sort this summer. Google I/O will be an exciting time, that's for sure.

Source: comScore