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There's a lot to like with the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. The design and materials involved in their construction feel fantastic, the camera well and truly stands tall about just about everything else out there, and both phones are equipped with the best display in the mobile industry right now. But like all things, the Galaxy S6 is not perfect, and while we said as much in our review the time has come to check in with the forums and see what you think could have been done to push the S6 a couple steps closer to perfection.

Here are the three big things just about everyone would like to see Samsung change about the Galaxy S6.

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Up the battery capacity to 3,000mAh

Galaxy S6 Battery

There was one thing which quickly raised to the top of the heap when discussing any kind of change to the Galaxy S6, and that was the battery. Now that folks are using this device as their daily driver, it's becoming clear that Samsung didn't put an appropriately sized battery in this device. There's just too much going on with this device for 2,550 mAh to be enough, and as nice as it is to be able to Quick Charge or wirelessly charge your device at your leisure, being able to get more than four hours of screen on time is a lot more important when you are out in about.

I'd prefer a bigger battery - it hasn't been an issue for me because I can generally charge throughout the day but I know there will be a time that I can't and I'll be frustrated by it. ~ Wildside

One of the more interesting dual-purpose suggestions that came from the forums during this discussion was to increase the thickness of the S6 to match the camera protrusion. This would make the device flat on both sides, and the increase in size would likely create enough room for a 3,000mAh battery inside. While that bump in girth would keep the phone from being considered one of the thinnest on the market at the moment, it'd sure make using the phone every day a lot more enjoyable.

Google and Samsung need to get their software in order

Galaxy S6 Clean Master

One of the unfortunate side effects of the Honeymoon period ending for Galaxy S6 owners is the return of weird software pauses and lag, the very things we all rejoiced as being gone in this version of the phone thanks to Android 5.0 and some killer hardware from Samsung. Ask anyone who has been using the phone for more than a month, and they'll be all too happy to bend your ear a bit on how unfortunate it is to see these software behaviors return.

Unlike previous versions of Galaxy-infused Android, the problems with software lag are partly on Google. It's no secret that Android 5.x has had some memory leak issues, and once the RAM is all used up on the Galaxy S6 the stutters and UI lag start to shine through. There are way to fix this problem and return your device to its more pleasing state, but depending on your use this is something you could wind up doing once a week or more.

Google still needs to address the software issues causing battery drain, Samsung still needs to work on the TW interface ~ Wiggum333

Outside of Android misbehaving, the number of Samsung apps and services that can't be uninstalled is still a pain point for a lot of users. It's especially unsettling to see these UI lags and stutters with Clean Master's optimization software baked into the OS, almost like that software isn't actually helping the user in any tangible way. There will never be a Galaxy phone without "bloat" but there seems to be a ton of users out there that prefer the Verizon version of the S6 specifically because of the noticeable decrease in irremovable software.

Better audio and/or front-facing speakers

Galaxy S6 Speaker

While the audio that comes out of the headphone jack on the Galaxy S6 is great, the speaker on the bottom of the device isn't the best. It's easy to cover up, pointed away from your ears most of the time, and the overall quality of the audio isn't the best. During our conversation in the forums, several users spoke up about either a higher quality speaker. Some of those same folks suggested Samsung implement some kind of front-facing speaker, but not if it meant making the phone noticeably taller like the HTC One line of BoomSound speakers.

Front facing speakers would be slick. (But, again, I wouldn't want the footprint to change.) ~ Linebusy

It's not an entirely unreasonable request, especially after seeing what LG managed with the speaker on the back of the G4. Samsung's decision to put the speaker on the bottom makes it useful for speakerphone conversations, but unfortunately not much else if you enjoy listening to anything resembling quality audio. It could be argued that the audio from the 3.5mm jack is good these users should consider a portable speaker instead of wanting something better built into the phone, but in the end it seems like Samsung's audio compromise made a few users unhappy.

Overall, most users seem happy with their purchase.

Galaxy S6

The best part of asking everyone what they thought after using the phone for a while was the total lack of overall negativity. The battery isn't great, the software could be better, and better speakers would be awesome, but over all folks seem to enjoy what Samsung has put together here.

Perfect phone except for battery. Not that they need to stuff a bigger battery in there but do something about the standby time that just kills battery. ~ dwd3885

Perhaps most important of all was the general lack of hand-wringing over the absence of removable batteries and storage devices. Those who have taken the time to get to know the phone don't seem to miss these once critical features a whole lot, which is particularly interesting when you see battery life being one of the chief complaints. Folks seem to want a larger sealed battery more than they want a smaller removable battery, and while that means it's not something Samsung can just fix by releasing a bigger battery and a hideous bulging backplate, it also means users are largely happy with the direction the company is heading.

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