The weird thing about smartphones is that despite the manufacturer's original price tag, not every device is equally priced. It's too bad, too, because that means that some of you are paying incredible prices for the same technology your friend maybe saved a few bucks on. Pricing configurations can be strange.

That's why this is your chance to help another person out — more specifically, one of your fellow Android Central forum members. Have you received an amazing discount on Samsung's Galaxy S8 or S8+? Or perhaps you've seen a bundle sold somewhere else online that seemed too good to pass up? Or maybe your carrier isn't holding out on you, and you want to spread the good word?

Forum member mrwally is all about that discount from Sprint:


Hey all, I've been ready to upgrade to a new phone and finally decided to pull the trigger on the S8+. Of course, the price threw me off and made me look at other phones, until I decided to contact my phone company Sprint and ask if they had any specials. Well, the customer service rep gave me a deal of $35.xx per month for 24 months - $16 monthly credit for 24 months = $19.xx per month *...


There are a few caveats with regards to getting the phone through the carrier, however, and that's the fact that you don't actually own the phone until it's paid off. But some people, like vjh425, still think it sounds like a "pretty good deal!"


When you lease, you have the option to pay the remaining payments (6 more to equal 24) I believe so that you own the phone. Otherwise, you can upgrade and return the leased phone, I believe. OP that sounds like a pretty good deal!


What about you? Have you received a great deal from your carrier or favorite brick and mortar store? Or perhaps you managed to find a bundle somewhere that's worth the deal? Leave a comment in our forums or leave a comment below!

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Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+


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