Both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge are available on multiple network operators, as well as being stocked by various retailers (though most still are not shipping yet).



Three is offering the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge on plans starting from £39 and £48 respectively. They're the cheapest options and only include a set amount of 4G data. PAYG options are available for £599.99 and £759.99. Three has gold, white and black available, though the former has a slight later delivery date.


Vodafone is selling the Galaxy S6 for £49 per month (if you don't want to pay an upfront fee) and the Galaxy S6 edge for a whopping £54 per month (with an upfront fee of £49) gold, white and black. These two examples are part of the Red Value 4GB Bundle, providing unlimited calls and SMS and 4GB of data. You can also choose an entertainment pass. Vodafone will offer £5 off your monthly bill if you trade an old Samsung in.


EE is launching the new Galaxy smartphones with support for Wi-Fi calling. Plans start from £43.49 for the S6 (£49.99 upfront fee) and £53.49 for the S6 edge (£69.99 upfront fee - ouch). If you buy the phone and a wireless charger, you'll receive a £20 voucher for Samsung cases.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge from EE


O2 is offering the Galaxy S6 for £49 a month without any fees, while the S6 edge will set you back £9.99 with a £52.50 monthly contract. Again, black, white and gold are available, and 5GB of data is bundled with both devices on the selected plan prices.


  • Carphone Warehouse CPW offers various tariffs from multiple operators for the two smartphones, but the company also has the Galaxy S6 available SIM-free for £599. The retailer will match cheaper contract prices found elsewhere and pay your first month which is neat.

Other retailers still list holding pages and are awaiting confirmed pricing and availability. We'll update as other stores go live. Those are some of the options we've been made aware of. Should you happen to know of better prices (or listings in general) elsewhere, do let us know in the comments!

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